Construction sign posted visible from the street and correctly filled out.

Verify locations of pool/spa per the approved plot plans.

Check all existing structures, walls and relevant characteristics adjacent to pool, spa or hot tub area.

Check for overhead utilities within the pool area.

Verify required setbacks of pool or spa including width and length.

Verify pool equipment location and all deck equipment items, if included.

Verify rebar is installed per the approved structural plans standard design or other specified information including the reinforcing steel schedule & details.

Verify the type of construction, whether gunite, poured concrete, prefabricated, or other. Confirm soils engineer approval when required.

Check for brass conduit or other approved material installed from the pool light niche.

Bonding of steel reinforcing to pool light niche # 8 solid copper wire, bonding from pool reinforcement # 8 solid copper wire continuous back to pool equipment location.

Check all piping that will be covered by gunite within the pool area.


Verify pool enclosure requirements for height and locations.

Spacing of horizontal and vertical openings within fence.

Verify all gates into the pool enclosure that they are self-closing and selflatching.

Latch must be on the inside of the gate and must open outwards from pool area.

Doors from the garage that led into the pool area must be self-closing and latching

Doors that led from house must have an approved door/pool alarm(s) or an approved pool/spa cover with a permanent tag showing its listing information.

Check for approval of all underground electric conduits.

Check for approval of all underground plumbing and gas piping.

Verify that gas piping will not be installed under any structure see UPC section 1211.4.

Check for p-trap drain from pool equipment connected to sewer system.

Check all deck rebar.

Verify that all metal parts within 5ft of pool are bonded.

Verify proper location and check all equipment, panel, motors, pumps, blowers, heaters, covers, and associated wiring

Check pool lights and their wiring, GFI, and junction box for height above max water level.


Check drainage around pool and verify all required approvals.

Verify final gas test and check all plumbing & UV Protection

Re-check pool equipment.

Verify Pool/Spa covers

Re check enclosure around pool/spa

Re-check all electrical for pool equipment

Verify installation of GFCI(s) for pool equipment.

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