DM Office

Computer 1

Telephone 1

Radio 1

Radio 2

Radio 3

Coomber Stereo

Blue Extension Lead


Fan 1

Computer 2

Computer 3

Telephone 2

Till Receipt Machine 1

Till Receipt Machine 2

Card Machine 1

Card Machine 2

SwimTag computer

Pepsi Vending

Kit Kat Vending

Lucozade Vending


Fridge 1




Back Office

Fan 2


Computer 4

Printer/Photocopier 1

Telephone 3


Telephone 4

Computer 5

Server Computer

MyView Computer

Ipod x6

Computer 6 (GM Office)

Telephone 5 (GM Office)

Printer 2 (GM Office)

Plant Room & Pool Hall

Hyprolyser Pump

Day Tank Acid Pump

Time Board

Jet Washer


Hoover (cleaning cupboard)

Blower for Bouncy Castle (Sports Hall Store)

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