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  • Business Name

  • Add location
  • Phone No.

  • Mobile No.

  • Add media

Emergency Contact Details

  • Name

  • Mobile No.

NSW Food Authority Details

  • Registration No.

Vehicle Details

  • Make

  • Model

  • Rego

Tank Details

  • Make

  • Capacity (Lts)


  • Has the tank, container hoses or fittings been used to cart hazardous material such as recycled water, petrochemicals or human or animal waste ?

  • If 'Yes', detail

  • Has the tank, container horse or fittings been used to cart any non-hazardous substances other than drinking water, for example milk or wine ?

  • If 'Yes', detail

  • Sight log book

  • Sight copy of Council approval

  • Sight copy of NSW Health Guidelines for Water Carters and Narromine Shire Drinking (Potable) Water supply - Water Carters Policy

  • Sight copy of NSW Food Authority Registration Certificate

  • Visual Inspection Result

Office Use

  • Select date

  • Inspector

  • Fees

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