Title Page

  • Manufacturer

  • Address
  • Part Name & Number

  • Prepared by

  • Conducted on

PPAP Documents Checklist

PPAP Documents

  • Design records

  • Approved engineering change documents

  • Customer engineering approval

  • Design FMEA

  • Process flow diagrams

  • Process FMEA

  • Control plan

  • Measurable system analysis studies

  • Dimensional analysis

  • Performance and material test results

  • Initial process studies

  • Qualified laboratory documentation

  • Appearance approval report

  • Sample production parts

  • Master sample

  • Checking aids

  • Customer specific requirements

  • Part submission warrant

PPAP Submission Assessment

  • Is there evidence of manufacturing and customer team engagement?

  • Is there clear and proper detail provided on “Reason for Submission”?

  • Is there evidence of prior agreement for submission requirements?

  • Are all documents controlled?

  • Are all submission subcomponents/processes included?

  • Was proper submission level agreed upon prior to submission?

  • Is the submission according to PPAP 4th edition requirements?

  • Was the PPAP submitted on time?


  • Additional Comments

  • Name & Signature of Person Responsible

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