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PPI Innovation Room 5S Audit

SORT - Eliminate unneeded items.

  • Only the needed items are present in the area?

  • Unneeded items are taken to the Red Tag Area and disposition dates are assigned?

  • Is there any other additional item needed in the conference room and break room area?

  • The inventory level of gifts for PPI activities is adequate?

  • The inventory level of materials for PPI activities is adequate?

  • Do we require to buy more snacks, drinks, etc for activities?

SET IN ORDER - Everything in its place and one place for everything.

  • Are any additional label or demarcation required to improve organization in the areas?

  • Do any label or demarcation needs to be replaced?

SHINE - Maintain areas in excellent conditions.

  • Do any wall, lighting, equipment or furniture require attention?

  • Was the cleaning of the break room completed per the cleaning schedule?

STANDARDIZE - Maintain the organization standards.

  • Are the conference table and seats organized as stated by the visual standard?

  • Is an additional visual standard required to improve the organization in the areas?

SUSTAIN - Create the habit of maintaining 5S.

  • Are the 5S audit results are visible and updated in the Tier Board?

  • Are all the 5S actions "on track" based on their due dates?

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