Title Page

  • PR4S Audit No.

  • Drax Power Station

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by Drax Safety Team

  • Location

PR4S Audit details

  • Auditor name

  • Tour type

  • Date and Time

  • Supervisors name

  • Company/Department

  • Location

  • Work Task

Audit Questions

  • Are all members of the working party Adequately shaven to achieve a seal on RPE?

  • PPE. Score 0 if item of PPE incorrectly used or missing. Score 5 if all present and correct for task.

  • Is the work area tidy and are Good Housekeeping standards maintained?

  • What level of Defensive Behaviour is the working party demonstrating?

  • Are all barriers adequate with correct signage?

  • Is the POWRA adequate for the task with top 3 hazards and controls identified, relevant and Acted On?

  • What understanding does the working party have of this weeks' Safety Brief?

  • To what standard does the working party recall of the Safety Kick Off?

  • What level of understanding does the working party have of the task?

  • What level of understanding does the work team have of the Task Risk Assessment for the task?

  • Does the working party understand the 'Golden Hour'?

  • What action would the working party take of the continuous alarm sounded?

  • Does every member of the working party have their site pass on their person?

  • Overall Audit Summary

  • Photo evidence

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