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  • Professional Behaviour - the student is appropriate with respect to agreed expectations of their dress, attitude and behaviour. Punctual for shifts and in contact in a timely manner where unforeseen circumstances (e.g. ill health or an emergency ) prevent them from attending placement. Compliant with work place administration requirements, OH &S policies and respects the rights of others in the work place. The student demonstrates skills which allow them to be, where appropriate, autonomous in their student role (e.g. leadership, preparedness, forward thinking) and follows through on agreed tasks. That is, the student does not have to be micro-managed while on site.

  • Client Interaction/ Rapport - The student displays self confidence in client facing situations. Is empathetic (where appropriate), asks open ended questions and creates positive, safe interactions with individuals. The student complies with client confidentiality and shows respect for all individuals at the facility.

  • Collaborative Practice - Consistently establishes effective working relationships and evaluates collaborative capabilities. Demonstrates good understanding of team processes and engages actively with team members and contributes to outcomes. Can resolve conflicts with little support. Understands scope of practice and can refer to for alternate/ additional services appropriately.

  • Communication Skills - Requires little support to communicate in a manner that is clear, comprehensive and culturally appropriate. Student is appropriately in terms of posture, volume, tone and energy with respect to the context of your facility. The student displays a flexible approach and where appropriate uses correct technical language, tactile and demonstrable communication strategies as required. Able to influence and develop authority in both one-on-one and group situations, using motivational interviewing and developing a therapeutic alliance with the clients as needed.

  • Awareness of Limitations - Student recognises professional weaknesses and actively engages in self-directed learning, seeks timely feedback and appropriate support. The student is willing to take responsibility for actions when challenged and act on constructive criticism and improve future performance. Where required seeks opportunities to debrief following stressful situations.

  • Time Management - Student displays an appropriate level of organisation skill, the ability to prioritise tasks within the context of the facility, including the ability to use down time and manage time constraints out of their control appropriately. Able to appropriately manage time within both technical tasks and across the placement as a whole.

  • Exercise Prescription & Programming- The student demonstrates an ability to develop appropriate and effective exercise prescriptions/interventions (e.g. Apply evidence-based exercise prescription principles that are relevant to each client’s case and needs). Ability to evaluate, reflect and modify exercise prescriptions/interventions in response to clients/needs (e.g. Consideration of client circumstances and specific needs when developing exercise management plan). Ensure a safe exercise environment and appropriate client education. Able to refer to other health professionals when necessary. Good record keeping and data management in relation to client progression, regression and

  • Technical Skills - The student displays safe, effective and accurate use of exercise testing equipment and relevant biomedical instrumentation equipment relevant to the facility. Student can clearly explain procedures, uses demonstration where necessary and has an understanding of contraindications for procedures. Student uses professional reasoning with regards to any interventions and actively obtains/ responds to client feedback. Please rate the students technical skill proficiency as exhibited and developed with in the context of the facility.

  • Knowledge - The student is able to apply current knowledge across the client population. Where required shows the ability to use resources and undertake additional research. Interventions offered or developed by the student are innovative and effective; practices are evidence based. Accurate and meaningful advice is offered to clients and the student actively develops further understanding of the anatomical and physiological basis of interventions within the context of the placement.

  • Problem solving and Decision Making - Ability to critically analyze, anticipate problems and apply practical solutions. Where appropriate the student has demonstrated independent thought and action, or where they have the ability to input to decision making, solutions are offered prior to direction from supervisors and the student is able to follow-through on decisions.

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