Is the House framed per plan

Options change orders are reflected in the framed house

Windows and exterior doors are installed properly and have the project managers Windows and doors installation inspection report sign off

Shims used for the door and window installation

Walls are are plumb and straight. Visual inspection or strings show walls are aligned. Elevator shaft is plumb and elevator doors line up

Siding or masonary veneer is significantly completed for main structure and per plans/specs. House is dried in

Bottom plates of grade level walls are bolted to foundation

Headers are framed per the framing plans

Beams are posted down to the foundation

Beams 2-ply or more are nailed/screw per spec

Joists hangers are present and nailed as required

Hurricane clips are installed at rafters/roof trusses

Garage Opening is framed per structural plans

Rim Boards or band joists that will connect to decks or porches are nailed to wall plates

squash blocks present where required

Chases, Trays, and fir outs are framed and fire blocked

Metal beams/posts are are in place and bolted and/or welded

Subfloor has beed screwed down

Tubs are the right spec and are coved with protective film (no plastic liners)

Stairs are installed and are the correct type

House has been fire caulked

Electrical Inspection passed

Plumbing inspection has passed

HVAC inspection has passed

Framing inspection has passed

Insulation inspection passed

House is clean and broom swept

Project Manager