Inspect the heater thoroughly for damage. DO NOT operate a damaged heater.

Extend the shell fully and lock into place as shown.

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Connect the hose fitting to the propane cylinder with a wrench until secure

Connect hose to heater (connection is secure)

Open propane cylinder's gas valve and check for leaks.

WARNING: BEFORE LIGHTING PILOT, turn main burner valve (turn knob fully clockwise) to lo/light position.

Fully open the valve on the propane cylinder and wait 15 seconds before step three

Depress red button on safety pilot valve admitting gas to the pilot. Then push and release the ignition button depressed for 30 seconds, then release the ignition button until the pilot lights.

When The pilot lights, continue to hold the button depressed for 30 seconds, then release to light main burner.

If pilot goes out, wait 5 minutes and repeat the lighting procedure.

Turn Main burner valve to regulate heat output.

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