Are there any obvious physical hazards that may affect the cleaners on site? wiring, loose fittings, damaged pathways...

Are there any environmental issues on site that affect the cleaners?

Is there anything hazardous that the cleaners need to work with, near or dispose of? E.g. Laboratory, fuel depot, bulk chemicals, train tracks, vehicles that are moving while cleaning....

Are there any unsafe areas the cleaners must access or pass through to complete their work?

Is there any risk of sharps injuries?

Will the cleaners be working isolated and without security?

Can the public frequent the contract at anytime?

Is there adequate lighting on site whilst cleaners are working?

Will cleaners be working outdoors?

Is the site evacuation procedure relevant to the cleaners?

Is there a cleaners room or lockable storage on site?

Will the cleaners room be regarded as a confined space?

Is there easy access to running water for eye wash, in case of severe chemical burn?

Is the waste disposal process for the site safe for the cleaners?

Are fire escapes clearly marked, free from obstacles, and emergency lighting in place where ever required?

Is there a site requirement for Immunisation?

Is this contract deemed a high risk contract?