Have the quality policy and detailed, measurable quality objectives been defined?

Are customers requirements researched, established and implemented?

Have the authorities and responsibilities within your organization been defined and documented?

Has internal communication between the different functions of your organization been defined, documented and established?

Has the management system been defined in a manual?

Is the control of documents and data described in a procedure?

Is the control of quality records described in a procedure?

Has a management review been conducted, and have the resulting tasks been implemented?

Have training needs been determined? Have the required training measures been implemented and reviewed for effectiveness?

Have the resources required for customer satisfaction and process implementation and improvement been determined and provided?

Is the work environment adequate for the compliance with product and customer requirements?

Are the product realization processes being measured and monitored?

Are customer requirements for products determined?

Has regular communication with customers been established for this purpose?

Are product characteristics being measured and monitored?

Is there a system to measure and analyze data on the performance of the management system (e.g. compliance with customer requirements, process and product characteristics etc.)?

Is customer satisfaction being measured and monitored?

Are internal quality audits described in a procedure?

Is the control of non-conforming product described in a procedure?

Are there plans and processes for the continual improvement of the management system?

Are corrective actions described in a procedure?

Are preventive actions described in a procedure?

Is your management system covers several locations, sites or branches which should be covered by the certification?


Shall all locations/sites/ branches listed on page 1 of this questionnaire be included in the certification?

Do all locations / sites/ branches use identical or comparable production processes?

Do all locations/sites/ branches use the same or comparable raw materials or production materials?

Have all locations/sites/ branches been subject to a complete internal audit, and are the results of these audits available?

Is there a common management review for all locations/sites/ branches?

Does all management personnel involved in the environmental management system have identical access and authority at all locations/sites/ branches?



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