• Proprietor

  • Business name & address

  • Conducted on

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  • Location
  • Personnel

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  • The purpose of this interview is to determine if the accommodation at this premises is operating as a prescribed accommodation (eg rooming house) under the Public Health & Wellbeing Act 2008. If the premises is found to be operating as an unregistered rooming house then penalties may apply & measures will need to be taken to ensure the premises either ceases to operate as a prescribed accommodation or complies with all relevant legislation to operate as a prescribed accommodation.


  • Interviewee name & contact details:

  • Does interviewee reside at the premises?

  • What is the interviewees position?


  • Who is the proprietor of this accommodation premises?

  • Does the proprietor reside at the premises?

  • Proprietor's contact details:

  • What is the proprietor's position?

  • Provide details:


  • What is the total number of bedrooms at this premises?

  • How many of these bedrooms are there available for rent?

  • Are there room numbers on bedroom doors?

  • Are there locks on bedroom doors?

  • No. of people who may occupy the rooms available for rent:


  • Who manages the accommodation?

  • Details:

  • How is the accommodation advertised?

  • Details:

  • Who do tenants pay rent to?

  • Details:

  • If someone moves out, who organises replacement tenant?

  • Details:


  • What is the total number of people currently residing at the premises?

  • Does the proprietor and/or any of the proprietor's family reside at the premises?

  • How many persons excluding the proprietor and the proprietor's family currently reside at the premises?

  • How did the tenants become aware of this accommodation?

  • Details:

  • Did the tenants move in together at same time?

  • Details:

  • What is the relationship of residents to the owner?

  • Details:

  • What is the relationship of residents to each other?

  • Provide further details:


  • Are all residents named on single lease with the owner?

  • Do residents have a lease or sub-lease agreement in relation to their room only?

  • Do residents have the sole right of access to their bedrooms?

  • Length of stay of residents:


  • Are there shared or communal bathroom/cooking/laundry facilities?

  • Is there a shared or communal living area?

  • Do bedrooms have their own toilet/shower/cooking facilities?


  • The preliminary interview confirmed the premises to be:


  • Has date for premises inspection been made?

  • Select date


  • Additional information provided to the interviewee/proprietor?

  • Details:



  • On site representative

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  • Auditor's signature

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  • Public Health Unit ph: 9518 3539

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