1. Check the number and type of cameras, including lenses are in accordance with the specification and any amendment

2. Check indicator lamps are working correcty

3. Check warning labels are still in place

4. Check all cables and conduit are properly supported, undamaged and showing no signs of wear

5. Check for sound physical fixings of all equipment including loosening or corrosion of supports and fixings including towers and brackets

6. Check all glands and seals on external equipment

7. Check the picture quality of each camera and correct monitor selection

8. Covers and housings have been removed and interiors cleaned where necessary

9. Check all automatic and remote control camera functions are satisfactory and that camera movement and fields of view are free from obstruction

10. Operation of all monitoring, switching, multiplexing and recording equipment (including time and date generators) is satisfactory

11. Function of all interfaces with alarms is satisfactory including correct triggering of alarms

12. Operation of supplementary lighting is satisfactory

13. Check that the performance of the system(s) continues to meet the agreed specification / operational requirement according to the periodic test scheme agreed with the customer

Outstanding Work If Any Of The Above Is Not Completed:

Cab Photos:
Camera Photos:
Site Overview Photo:
SITE SIGN-OFF: The above work has taken place and the site has been left in an acceptable condition.

The customer has seen the works undertaken and is happy with the system performance

Customer Signature
Signed (Connect-IP Engineer)
NB: Completion of this sign-off is mandatory and must be completed ON SITE and submitted to Connect-IP