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  • Document No.

  • Assessment for (Employee name)

  • Employee AKA Name

  • Job Title

  • Department

  • Assessment carried out by

  • Date form sent

  • Date of employment commencement

  • Conducted on

  • Location


  • Passport style picture of employee


  • Improvement Required – Demonstrates little aptitude, and/or inappropriate attitude, little evidence of competency, skill, knowledge or experience
    Average – Demonstrates reasonable aptitude, evidence of the appropriate behaviour, reasonable evidence of competency, skill, knowledge and experience
    Good – Demonstrates an appropriate aptitude level, the appropriate attitude and behaviour, evidence of competency, skills, knowledge and experience
    Excellent – Demonstrates all the requirements of a Good rating, plus exceeds requirements in terms of aptitude, attitude, and behaviour, skills, knowledge and experience

  • Job Knowledge

  • Quality and accuracy of work

  • Efficiency

  • Attendance

  • Time keeping

  • Work relationships (team work and interpersonal and communication skills)

  • Where any areas require improvement give details below.

  • Outline the employees views on the job, work environment and working conditions.

  • Summary of employees overall performance.

  • Is the employees appointment to be confirmed?

  • If Yes please specify new salary (£/annum)

  • Date Effective from

Probationary period extention

  • Should the employees probationary period be extended to allow time for improvement

  • Please specify the date on which the employee will complete the extended period and specify the improvements required and how this will be achieved

  • Select date

  • Improvements required

  • How will this be achieved

  • Was this placement an internal recommendation? If so, who should the recommendation fee to be paid to?

  • Enter recipient name

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  • Please return this form to Karen Stubbings, HR Department via email Karen.stubbings@westwayservices.com

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