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Process Validation Protocol - Equipment Qualification Template

Equipment Qualification Protocol

  • Objective

  • Scope

  • Responsibility

  • Select key items of equipment

  • Specify

  • Select utilities supply

  • Specify

  • Take/attach photos of all relevant equipment drawings such as mechanical drawings, electrical schematics, process and instrument drawings, etc.

  • Are the user manual and spare parts list available?

  • Are main components within the preventive maintenance program?

  • Are primary instruments listed in the calibration program?

  • Are instrument resolution and accuracy identified and adequate for process control range required?

  • Are traceable standards used?

  • Select available SOPs

  • Select environmental requirements

  • Specify

  • Select key processes

  • Specify


  • Equipment Qualification Results

  • Conlusions

  • Protocol Author & Signature

  • Departmental Approval by

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