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General Safety

  • All employees assigned to the production line are in compliance with GMP & PPE policies.

  • Walkway is clear of debris, water, and obstruction.

  • All operator platforms are clear of debris and obstruction.

  • Poke-sticks are in proper place and are hung on their respective clamps.

  • All product from previous production runs has been removed from machine areas.

  • Recycle totes are clean.

Electrical Safety

  • All doors for electrical panels are closed and secured properly.

  • Is there any visible damage or defect to an electrical panel?

  • Is there any exposed wiring on any of the equipment?

  • High voltage equipment is properly marked.

  • Keyboard and mouse at MicroBlend is stored properly.

  • Are there any extension cords being used?

Machine Guarding

  • All machine guarding is in place and functioning as designed.

  • All interlocks are in place and functioning as designed.

  • All plexi-glass/vision panels on equipment are clean and view is not obstructed.

Fire Safety

  • All fire extinguishers in the vicinity of the production line are present, clearly marked, and have been inspected within the past four weeks.

  • All fire exits are clearly marked and pathways are free of obstruction(s).

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