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  • Site conducted

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Review by (Manager Sign-off)

Production Manager LSW


  • Attend Tier 2 meeting per Standard Work

  • Initialize & date all Supervisor Leader Std Work(s) from prior day

  • Conduct Standard Work Safety Check:

  • Walk the floor and audit lines per Supervisor - Line Audit - SWIS


  • Update Labor Forecast

  • Complete Safety Gemba's (SBO) per Std Work

  • Randomly walk the floor with a Supervisor and audit their LSW

  • Weekly Staffing Review

  • Randomly observe and coach one of your Team Leads on potential safety hazards, behaviors and compliance

  • Audit at least 1 Tier 1 meeting

  • Particpate in CI A3 Reviews


  • Review Supervisor LSW Template to see if any changes/additions are needed

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