• Audit Title

  • Client / Site

  • General Company Information (industry, size, etc.)

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Personnel

  • The weighting of each question is based on what the potential consequences would be. Each question is weighted as follows: 4 points = Good - No further action required, if criteria not met 0 points = Not Acceptable/high Risk (risk is to health and safety of employees, general public, environment, equipment, quality and prosecution).


    High Risk = Potential for an incident occurring. Major Non-Conformance to criteria - Immediate action required

    Medium Risk = General non-compliance with legislation/policies/procedures. Corrective action required within 48 hours

    Low Risk = Compliance, however room for improvement. Minor issues noted - corrective action required within 5 days

    Good = Satisfies legal and company requirements, no further action required.

    Not Applicable = 0 (4 points will be removed from the total score required)

Internal OH&S Resources

  • Is there an OH&S Manager/Supervisor?

  • Has a Safety Committee been established? (Where Applicable)

  • Has an employee Health and Safety Representative been elected?

  • How often are safety inspections conducted?

  • Are hazards identified in the safety inspection, rectified quickly where possible and results consulted to all employees and management?

  • Other Observations

Safety Documentation and Communication

  • Do you have a health and safety plan or manual that shows what you are trying to achieve and you have communicated this to all employees?

  • Are regular safety committee meetings held and documented?

  • Does the company hold safety meetings Toolbox Meetings with employees?

  • Is there a formal Health and safety policy that sets clear responsibilities, goals and objectives for all parts of your organization?

  • Is there a Consultation and Communication Policy and/or Procedure in Place?

  • Is there an Anti-Bullying Policy?

  • Is there a Fatigue & Stress Management Policy?

  • Is there a Drug and Alcohol Policy?

  • Is there a Rehabilitation/Return to Work Policy?

  • Is the WorkSafe "If You Are Injured" poster displayed?

  • Are OH&S responsibilities defined and specific roles displayed? e.g. First Aiders, Emergency Wardens, Health and Safety Representative(s)

  • Has a review been done to assess the companies compliance with current ACTs, legislations, and Codes of Practice?<br>Do employees have access to relevant legislation and Codes of Practice?

  • Has the company introduced methods for communicating health and safety to employees with language barriers or different cultural backgrounds?

  • Other Observations

Monitoring - Top Management

  • Is there a scheduled audit program of your organization’s health and safety management system are results of Audits discussed/reviewed at Management Review Meetings?

  • Is the OHS leadership and culture of the organisation evident?<br>- Management participation? <br>- Enthusiasm demonstrated for improvement?<br>- Resources allocated?

  • Have you reviewed your due diligence for directors and officers? <br>(Roles & Responsibilities and HSE Training for Directors/Senior Managers)

  • The organisation has processes in place to collect and report relevant health and safety information to enable them to make proper decisions?<br>Check if the company Health and Safety, Environmental data is tracked?

  • Other Observations

Emergency Management Documentation

  • Have you identified possible emergency situations that may occur, and have you trained your employees in the procedures to respond to them?

  • Are Emergency procedure available and displayed?

  • Have emergency wardens been appointed, and training provided?<br>

  • Is there an emergency alarm in place and regularly tested?<br><br>Provide date of the last alarm test.

  • Are emergency evacuation scenario drills conducted and documented?<br><br>Date of last test?

  • Other Observations

First Aid Management Documentation

  • Are there trained First Aiders available, and their training up to date?<br>Sight proof of training:

  • Are first aid kits regularly checked? (date of last check)<br>

  • Is there an injury register maintained?

  • Other Observations

Incident/Near Miss Reporting and Investigation

  • Is there an Incident/Near Miss Reporting and Investigation process and forms available?

  • Does the form identify Root Cause and Preventative Actions?

  • Are outcomes of Incidents/Near Miss Investigations Consulted to employees?

  • Other Observations

Facilities and Amenities

  • Has a Health and safety notice board been established in a prominent area?

  • Are the following minimum documentation posted on the notice board;<br>- If you are injured at work poster<br>- Names of elected employee health and safety representatives and management health and safety representatives<br>- Emergency personnel: Wardens, deputy wardens, floor wardens, first aiders<br>- Location of first aid kits<br>- Location of AED <br>- Company Policy and procedures on:<br>Health and Safety, Quality , Environmental<br>- Latest Safety Meeting minutes <br>- Health & safety updates such as Safety Bulletins and Safety Alerts

  • Toilets and Meal areas cleaned and maintained?

  • Is there cool and clean drinking water and food preparation/refrigeration facilities available?

  • Other Observations

Risk Management Documentation

  • Has there been a Risk Assessment been conducted of your workplace to identify any Hazards associated with your operations, have adequate control measures been identified, implemented and adequate resources provided to reduce the risks?<br>

  • Do employees have access to current Risk Assessments, Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) or Safe Operating Procedures (S.O.P's) and have workers signed them to acknowledge they have read and understand them?

  • Other Observations

Chemical Management Documentation

  • Is there a current chemical register available?

  • Are Current Safety Data Sheets (SDS) Available?<br>In Date (less than 5 Years old)<br><br>

  • Other Observations

  • Has all Hazardous Substances/Dangerous Goods been Risk Assessed, controls identified and implemented?

Plant Management Documentation

  • Is there a Plant / Asset Register for the facility?

  • Have appropriate Risk Assessments been completed for relevant high risk plant?

  • Has a detailed traffic management plan been developed and established?<br>- Are pedestrian walkways identified?<br>- Physical Barriers in Place <br>- Blind Corners Identified and Controls in Place?<br>- Evidence of consultation and communication with employees?

  • Are operators appropriately Licensed and regular license checks performed for all workers?

  • Is plant servicing maintained and up to date?

  • Other Observations

Equipment Management Documentation

  • Are Risk Assessments available for the use of high risk equipment? (Where Applicable)

  • Is Equipment (including electronic safety devices) regularly maintained and calibrated?

  • Annual racking inspection completed?

  • Is there a Lock Out Tag procedure in place for servicing equipment or electrical work <br>Are Isolation Locks, available?

  • Other Observations


  • Have all of your employees, including supervisors and managers, trained in the health and safety requirements relevant to their position?

  • Is there a Training Register/Plan maintained?

  • Is there an Induction Process? (add a brief description)

  • Has the company developed Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) and are they available for employees?

  • Are new employees given on the job competency training?<br>i.e. buddy system, direct supervision.

  • Does the above training cover workplace hazards such as: Manual Handling and Working at Height?

  • Other Observations

Building Structures

  • Condition of Building(s)

  • Is there a possibility that Asbestos could be Present?

  • Has an Asbestos Audit been conducted on the facility?

  • Other Observations

Delivery and Dispatch Areas

  • Is there adequate separation of public and work areas?

  • Are relevant Traffic control systems in place as per the traffic management plan?

  • Is there a delivery driver safety zone established and identified?

  • Are empty pallets stacked neatly and damaged pallets separated for disposal?

  • Other Observations

General Housekeeping

  • Are EXIT signs easily identifiable and lights working?

  • Are all EXITS clear from obstructions?

  • Have Pedestrian Walkways been clearly Identified and kept clear from obstructions?

  • Floor areas clear from obstructions?

  • Is rubbish and off cuts regularly removed to prevent trip hazards?

  • Are rubbish and off cuts segregated (metallic, non-metallic, plastic, paper etc)

  • Are materials stored neatly and out of walkways not creating hazards?

  • Are liquid spills or other slip hazards identified and removed ASAP?

  • Is the general housekeeping well maintained?

  • Is there adequate lighting in all work areas?

  • Other Observations

Shelves and Racking

  • Are shelves, racking, or other storage systems adequately inspected, tested and labeled for safe working loads?

  • Is there any visible sign of damage to the racking ?

  • Are leg guards in place on the racking?<br><br>Are impact barriers in place at the end section of the racking ?

  • Other Observations

Electrical Safety

  • Are electrical appliances tested, tagged and within the validity period ?

  • Are all power outlets protected by a tested RCD?

  • Are outlets in good condition, securely fixed and with no exposed live components?

  • Are distribution boards clearly marked with minimum 1M clearance?

  • Are power leads/boards designed for industrial use and not "piggy backed"?

  • Are leads suspended off the ground on insulated hooks and not causing tripping or "clothes lining" hazards?

  • Other Observations

Chemical Safety

  • Are Chemicals stored off the ground in bunding and drip controls in place?

  • Are chemicals stored in accordance to SDS Specifications e.g. Segregation - No Alkaline chemicals stored close to Acid base Chemicals?

  • Are containers in the work area appropriately labeled?

  • Is PPE provided, in line with SDS requirements?

  • Are flammable materials stored in appropriate fire cabinets?

  • Are appropriate signs in place for the storage of chemicals?

  • Other Observations

Confined Spaces

  • Is there a confined space and if so, is there a Confined Spaces Procedure??

  • Are appropriate control measures in place and being followed?

  • Is the correct equipment specified in the procedure available?

  • Is the equipment maintained as per manufacturers requirements?

  • Are workers properly trained into the Confined Spaces Procedure?

  • Are the Confined space permits completed • appropriately? <br>Check records.

Emergency Preparedness

  • Is firefighting equipment available, appropriate for the area and maintained, every 6 months?

  • Have muster points been identified, and are maps showing their locations displayed in prominent areas?

  • Are Emergency Exits and access to them kept clear?<br><br>Are emergency Exit lights illuminated and clear with 6 monthly illumination tests completed?

  • Other Observations

First Aid

  • Is there a First Aid room or adequate First Aid Kits available?

  • Are first aid kits regularly checked? (date of last check)

  • Is there an emergency eyewash/shower facility on site or eye wash provided in the first aid kit?

  • Other Observations

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Is PPE supplied and training provided?

  • Is the use of PPE enforced?

  • Are employees using required PPE in designated areas?

  • Is PPE signage displayed and appropriate to the area?

  • Other Observations

Manual Handling

  • Has the company had any manual handling issues?

  • Has Manual Handling been Risk Assessed?

  • Are there manual handling aids available e.g. trolleys and pallet jacks or other lifting equipment?

  • Are work tasks set out to reduce the risk of Manual Handling Injuries?

  • Other Observations


  • Is Plant servicing maintained in line with Manufacturers Specification?

  • Are all safety labels attached? (Crush points, SWL...)

  • Are pre-start checks being completed?

  • Are flashing lights, Beepers and overload systems working correctly?

  • Are seat belts fitted and being worn by operators?

  • Are controls clearly labeled?

  • Are keys removed when plant is not in use?

  • Is the layout design of the facility appropriate to ensure complete separation between the Mobile Plant, Pedestrians and other workers?

  • Are Mobile Plant Operators adhering to speed limits or other plant movement controls?

  • Forklift Moving loads low to the ground (not suspended above wheel height?)

  • Are pedestrian & truck drivers observing designated pedestrian areas / exclusion zones / safety zones at all times?

  • Are truck drivers ensuring they use driver safety zones or other system established at the workplace at all times during loading / unloading?

  • Other Observations

Equipment and machinery

  • Are plugs, Sockets and Controls in good condition?

  • Is guarding and other safety devices in place and operating?

  • Are machine controls legible and labeled?

  • Is all electrical equipment and machinery tested and tagged in accordance with AS/NZS 3760?

  • Is appropriate safety signs displayed easily visible, relevant to the type of equipment?

  • Are Safe Working Loads indicated where Applicable?

  • Is there an isolation procedure in place for defective equipment?

  • Other Observations

Height Safety

  • Is appropriate fall protection in place where applicable?

  • Are ladders industrial, minimum 120 kg rated?

  • Are ladders in good condition with no visible signs of damage or wear?

  • Are Mechanical fall protection devices regularly checked for damage or wear by a competent person?

  • Other Observations

Monitoring and Measurement

  • Are the company Safety Plans, procedures reviewed by senior management on a regular basis?

  • Are incidents, Injury/Near miss and investigation outcomes reviewed regularly for trend, patterns and preventative actions?

  • Are documented internal safety inspections completed on a regular basis? how often?

  • Other Observations

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