General Details

Has process improvement efforts been completed before requirements efforts begin?

Has a capability assessment been conducted?

Has an organization readiness assessment been conducted?

Have project management standards and procedures been identified / established and documented?

Has the project approach and development strategy of the project been defined, documented and accepted by the appropriate stakeholders?

Are governance roles and responsibilities documented?

Is a PMO (Project Management Office) in place and provide oversight to the project?

Are project team roles and responsibilities identified and documented?

Does all project documentation reside in a common repository for easy access?

Have all necessary approvals been obtained?

Are the project plans updated on a frequent basis?

Project Charter

Project description

Project objectives

Sample budget

Basic milestones


Project sponsor(s), clients, etc.

Critical success factors

Success criteria

Project Scope Statement

Scope description

Criteria for acceptance

Project deliverables

Exclusions and constraints


Additional Notes/ Recommendation

Full Name & Signature