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  • Contribution to Business Strategy

  • Example:
    Our strategy is to project best in industry customer service, and the current situation does not reflect this. The new IVR system will ensure all calls are answered in a timely manner. It will also ensure that calls are dealt with efficiently. These two facts align this project to the company strategy.

  • Options Considered

  • Example:
    Options considered included:
    1. Adding additional staff to sales team
    2. Having a dedicated team for our best customers
    3. An IVR system (selected)

  • Benefits

  • Example:
    1. Increased sales - currently estimated we lose 4% of all sales calls due to current issues.
    2. Happier customers - we estimate new customer satisfaction will increase by 10%.
    3. Improved LTV - lifetime value of customers will increase by 5% due to the two points above

  • Timescales

  • Example:
    Initial analysis shows that the system will take approximately 3-4 months to implement.

  • Costs

  • Example:
    IVR software = $35,000
    Project Management = $30,000
    Software team of 3 for 3 months = $90,000
    Total estimated cost = $155,000

  • Expected Return on Investment

  • Example:
    Year 1 = $0
    Year 2 = $120,000
    Year 3 = $180,000 as LTV begins to be felt.

  • Risks

  • Example:
    Right now the project looks pretty straightforward but there are still some unknows surrounding implementation. There is also the risk that the project doesn't meet the sales team or customers needs. For this reason it is recommended to involve the

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