Project Overview

Provide project background and overview



Describe how the project team was able to adhere to governance criteria


Was an implementation review conducted?

Are all the project benefits still on track?

Will there be a closure document?

Have all the stakeholders authorized the project closure?

No pending or open issues because of the project?

Unaddressed Issues


RAG Status

Do you have a list of lessons learned?

Have adequate arrangements been made for the handover of the new or updated systems/processes?

Has the project budget been finalized?

Are all the project resources released?

Have all the post-project activities are complete?

Handover is complete for all deliverable?

All deliverable are accepted and signed off by the client?

Final project status reports are complete ?

All financial processes and reports are complete ?

Project review is done?

Staff performance evaluations and reports completed?

Staff employment on project terminated (no more work is done on the project)?

All supply contracts and processes are terminated?

Site operations and facilities used for project closed down?

Disposal of all equipment and materials is done?

Communication: Announcement of completion of a project (internal, external and public relations contacts)?

Completion of storage for all the project files?

Overall Performance

Details of baselined scope

Date of change

Details of approved change to business requirement



Project Manager (Full Name and Signature)