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Building Approach

  • Property Signage is visible from the main approach

  • Signage is clean and well lit

  • A Boards are being used and in date POS

  • Lighting is in good working order

  • Borders and planted landscapes are free from litter and are well maintained

  • Footpaths are maintained and well cleaned

  • The building is clean and free from Graffiti

Car Park

  • Is the car park signage visable

  • Is the car park clean and free from grafiti

  • Are gates in working order

  • Pedestrian gates are clean and in good condition

  • Driveway is litter free

  • Spaces are clearly marked

  • Parking permits are visible

  • All windows and glass surfaces are clean

  • Lighting is in Good working order

Main Entrance

  • Way finding directions into the property are clear

  • CCTV is in place

  • Access control is working

  • Intercom system is working and maintained

  • Intercom system dials successfully to the office

  • Intercom is answered timely

  • Intercom is answered politely

  • Lighting is in good working order


  • Windows are clean

  • Area is litter free

  • Fencing is damage free

  • No visible grafiti

  • Boarders and plants are free from litter and well maintained

  • External fire exits are clear and free from obstruction

  • Footpaths are cleaned and well maintained

  • Lighting is in good working order

  • All furniture is free from Damage

Bike Store

  • Is the bike store clean

  • Are bike racks well maintained

  • Is the bike store locked

  • Is appropriate signage in place

  • Are potentially abandoned bikes labelled to be removed

  • Is lighting in good working order

Waste Disposal

  • Are the bin stores maintained in good working order

  • Bins lined up correctly and floors clear

  • Recycling being used correctly by residents

  • External doors locked where neccessary

  • Cigarette bins cleaned and empty

  • Lighting in good working order

  • Area is cleaned and well managed

  • Area clean from Bulk waste



  • Are the shutters fully open and staff welcoming?

  • Is the reception clean and tidy, and free from clutter?

  • Is reception at a comfortable temperature

  • Is there a hand sanitiser station that is full

  • Is the reception well maintained and free from damage

  • Is the Covid screen up and in use

  • Are posters relevant and in date

  • Is the notice board to aparto standard

  • Is the television on with aparto display

  • Is there music playing

  • Are opening hours displayed

  • Are all posters secured correctly, with no blue-tac or Sellotape

  • Is the ANUK Cert displayed and in date

  • Is glass clean and smear free

  • Are current marketing posters displayed

  • Are post boxes clean and not overfilled

  • Is the new GDPR Site policy displayed

  • Is data protection at reception being followed

  • Is lighting in good working order

  • Is the PL insurance certificated displayed and in date


  • Is the office clean and tidy, and free from clutter

  • Are all staff in uniform and smartly dressed

  • Is the room at a comfortable temperature?

  • Are all keys locked in the key box and well managed.

  • Is there a master key register

  • Do master keys match the register

  • Is solo-protect being used

  • Is the incident escalation process displayed

  • Is the Covid-19 Risk assessment displayed and signed

  • Is the Covid-19 Workplace poster displayed and signed

  • Are all notices and posters in date

  • Is all data secured securely (not left on desks and tables)

  • Is lighting in good working order

  • Is alarm monitoring working


  • Are lifts clean and tidy

  • Are increased lift Covid cleans in place

  • Are lifts well maintained and in good order (no broken buttons etc)

  • Are lift emergency posters in order

  • Are lift alarms working

  • Is lighting in good order

Corridors and walkways

  • Are corridors clean and free from litter

  • Are corridors well maintained

  • Are staircases and steps in good working order

  • Are walls free from blue-tac and sticky tape

  • Are H&S notices present

  • Are doors closing properly

  • Are riser cupboard doors locked

  • Is lighting in good working order

Study rooms and communal areas

  • Are the rooms well maintained and in good order

  • Has the room been cleaned that day

  • Are tables and chairs in good condition with no damage

  • Are the rooms at a comfortable temperature

  • Is lighting in good working order

  • Is flooring in good condition with no damage

  • Are posters in date and not damaged


  • Are toilets clean and tidy and have they been cleaned that day

  • Are they fully stocked with handwash and towels

  • If there is a toilet brush present is it clean and undamaged

  • Is there a sanitary waste bin

  • Do pull cords work

Maintenance/Housekeeping Store

  • Is all equipment stored safely on shelving

  • Is the room clean and free from rubbish

  • Are cleaning products locked and stored safely

  • Are COSHH posters displayed and in date

Plant Room

  • Are door locks secure and working correctly

  • Floor clear from trip hazards

  • Are warning notices up and in place

  • Is lighting in good working order

  • Are fire extinguishers present and in service date

  • Are there any faults on the system

  • There are no items being used for storage

Laundry Room

  • The laundry room is clean and free from litter

  • The room is cleaned regularly

  • Equipment is working and maintained

  • There is no lint in tumble dryers


  • The area is clean and clutter free

  • All equiptment is in good working order

  • There is a Covid-19 Risk assessment and signage on entry

  • There is a booking system in place

  • There are instructions for equipment where relevant

  • The room is at a comfortable temperature

Show Flat

  • The showflat is clean, with no dust or dirt to be seen

  • The showflat is on the ground floor where possible (Covid-19)

  • The showflat is dressed to standard guidelines

  • The temperature is at a suitable level

  • The show flat has pleasant fragrance

  • Lighting/Music is on where relevant

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