Walls and ceilings

Wall paint well maintained?

Wall are free of major stains and scratches?

Are all ceiling tiles in place and none are stained?


All lights and controls are working?

All fixtures are clean?

Egress/Fire Control System

All EXIT signs in working order?

Are all egress doors working properly?

Exit path free of debris and storage?

Are all panic hardware and door alarms working?

Is fire controls panel operational?

Are all Fire Sprinkler Valves in open position?

Are exterior Stand Pipe covers in place?

Are Fire Extinguisher Inspections up to date?

Floors and lobby area

Floors are clean and sealed as applicable?

Floors are free of trip hazards?

Overall appearance is acceptable?

Emergency lighting

Emergency lighting in working order?

Proper areas are luminated?

Electrical systems.

Check overall condition of main distribution.

Check transformers for signs of 'overheating'.

Check sub panels for labelling and door operation.

Check for tripped breakers. Investigate as applicable.

No boilers or water heaters are leaking?

Check for loose or missing face plates.

Employee areas.

Check cleanliness.

Check refrigerator for cleanliness

Check garbage disposal

Check operation of all break room appliances

Storage and Janitorial closets

Check for trash and debris

Check hazardous material storage

Check for flammable material storage

HVAC systems (Rooftop Inspection)

Check BAS/EMS communications

Check thermostat operations

Are condensing coils clean?

Are filters relatively clean?

Are Belts tight and in good condition?

Are drain pans clean and draining properly?

Are all service access doors close and latched?

Any excessive noise and/or vibrations?

Are condensing fans running as needed?

All refrigerant circuit/lines are tight? (No leaks?)

Check roofing system for any potential or possibly damage.

Check roof drains for obstructions.

Parking areas and sidewalks

Overall condition of parking lot?

Parking lot markings?

Check for trip hazards, sink holes and major cracks.

Check condition of stairs/ramps.

Check sidewalks for cracks, uneven surfaces and trip hazards.

Are Parking Lot Light controls working and programmed correctly?

Are Parking Lot Lights working?


Check overall condition of lawn, shrubs, hedges etc.

Check tree trimming creating hazards by low hanging branches. (8 ft above ground)

Check weed control and mulch appearance

Exterior windows and doors

Check all hinges, door closers and locks for proper operation.

Check weatherstripping on all exterior doors.

Check all windows seals

Check all exterior glass for cracks and other damage.


Restrooms cleanness?

Sinks are working?

Water pressure and temperature okay?

Floors are clean and free of slip/trip hazards?

Floors and wall are clean?

Partitions and hardware in working order?

Urinals and toilets are flushing properly?

Toilet seats are tight?

Do Restrooms smell clean?

Toilet paper and paper towel dispensers are stocked?

Soap dispensers are filled and working?

All lights are working?

Basketball Courts

All courts floors are clean?

All height adjusters are in working order?

All padding is secure in place?

Bleachers are in proper location?

Are all Scoreboards are working?

Are all TV's working? (If not, note here and report to IT)


All padding is secured in place?

Any seams separating/rolling?

Trip Hazards, Tears, Staining?

Areas of excessive wear?

Access doors working?

Any glass panels cracked or broken?

Scoreboards working?


All lights working?

All equipment turned off?

Equipment appears to be cleaned?

All sinks are working?

Any slip or trip hazards?

Vent hood fire suppression and fire extinguisher inspection up to date?

Vent hood appears clean?

Refrigerators and freezers are working?

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.