Overall working conditions/job requirements

  • Are there any obvious physical hazards that may affect the custodians on site? exposed wiring, loose fittings, damaged walkways, unsafe sharps containers

  • Are there any environmental issues on site that affect the custodians? snow/ice, extreme heat, poor ventilation...

  • Is there any health hazard that needs addressed for custodians to perform their job safely?

  • Are there any unsafe areas the custodians must access or pass through to complete their work?

  • Is there a procedure in place to ensure safety of a custodian working alone or in an isolated area?

  • Is there adequate lighting on site?

  • Is the site evacuation procedure up to date (training and signage) relevant to the custodians?

  • Will the custodians be working in areas considered a confined space?

  • Is there easy access to running water for eye wash, in case of severe chemical burn?

  • Is the waste disposal and removal process for the site safe for the custodians?

  • Are fire exits clearly marked, free from obstacles, and emergency lighting in place where ever required?


  • Are all entrances properly illuminated with interior and exterior lighting?

  • Matting/Runners edging is okay and laying flat?

  • Is threshold secure?

  • Is floor tile and carpet in good condition? no loose or damaged tiles..

Main storage area, custodial closets and break room area

  • Are all areas properly illuminated?

  • Is break area kept neat, clean and orderly?

  • Are supplies maintained in an organized manner and properly labeled?

  • Is the area properly ventilated for type of equipment or products in use? (Ventilation is required for charging equipment)

  • Is the area free of tripping hazards?

  • Are products properly labeled, in correct bottles, stored with caps on?

  • Are product dispensing units mounted and secured properly?

  • Are product dispensing units disconnected from water supply?

  • Is product dispensing unit free of bottles?

  • Are product dispensing unit levers in neutral position?

  • Are product dispensing unit and docking mechanism clean and residue free?

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Is appropriate PPE available? Head, Eye, Hand, Hearing, Foot?

  • Is appropriate PPE used as necessary?

  • Is PPE properly stored, clean and in good condition?

Mechanical Room Safety

  • Are all areas properly illuminated?

  • Area is cleaned and orderly?

  • Are areas free of visible fungal/mold growth moisture and associated odors?

  • Are air intake areas free of odor-causing materials or hazardous chemicals?

  • Is area free from tripping hazards?

  • Are electrical panels free from obstacles and accessible?

  • Is OPP Save Space Area clean and orderly?

Elevated Work Surfaces

  • Are ladders in good condition?

Notes/Comments/Actions Required or Taken

  • Is corrective action required?

  • Have all deficiencies been properly reported?

  • Please note all corrective actions taken

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