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  • Do the walkways appear reasonably level and free from potential slips, trips and fall hazards

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  • Is the property structurally sound with no foreseeable overhead hazards i.e. lose roof tiles, damaged gutters or fascia boards or damaged chimney stacks etc.

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  • Is the property FREE from any unauthorised persons at the location? IF NO, LEAVE THE PROPERTY AND REPORT THIS TO YOUR MANAGER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

  • Is there adequate lighting

  • Does the structure of the building appear sound i.e. floors in reasonable condition and ceilings not likely to fall etc.

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  • Does the electrics appear safe i.e. no missing switches, wall sockets, broken/loose cables (Visual Observation ONLY)

  • Is the property FREE from any evidence of vermin?<br>IF NO, STOP WORK, LEAVE THE PROPERTY AND REPORT THIS TO YOUR MANAGER!

Working at Heights

  • Are you working at Heights (IF YES THEN PLEASE COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING)

  • Is the ladder free from the following <br>■ twisted, bent or dented stiles;<br>■ cracked, worn, bent or loose rungs;<br>■ missing or damaged tie rods;<br>■ cracked or damaged welded joints, loose rivets or damaged stays. <br>IF NO, THEN STOP WORK IMMEDIATELY, REPORT IT TO YOUR MANAGER AND TAKE RELEVANT PICTURES!

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  • Whilst removing loft hatch cover, can four sound points of contact be made for the ladder i.e. two at the top of the ladder and two at the bottom. IF NO, THEN YOU DO NOT GO UP THE LADDER!

  • After removing loft hatch, descend the ladder and reposition it so that the ladder protrudes through the loft hatch opening, (ideally by one metre) again the ladder must have four sound points of contact<br>IF THIS CANNOT BE ACHIEVED THEN THERE IS NO LOFT ACCESS!

  • Is the ladder on a firm and level ground?<br>IF NO, THEN YOU DO NOT GO UP THE LADDER!

  • Is the property free from any other risks?

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