Workshop walkround inspection checklist

Record if each question is satisfactory - Yes, No or N/A.
To record observations tap on the question box to open a text field.

1. Are safety signs correctly displayed and in good condition?
(Emergency evacuation, fire points, PPE, warnings etc.)
Ref HS-A17

2. Are floors, stairs, fire doors, walkways and evacuation routes free from obstruction and trip hazards?
Ref HS-A1

3. Review the H&S establishment document. Are staff current with the required training? Covered by Q&T weekly management meeting review of mandatory training.
Ref. HS-A1-WI.5

4. Are break glass alarm points and fire fighting equipment easily accessible and free from obstruction?
Ref HS-A1-WI.6

5. Are door vision panels clear and door closing mechanisms functioning correctly?

6. Are flammable substances capped and stored in dedicated flammable cupboards (unless in use), with the quantity nit exceeding 50 litres?
Ref. HS-A13

7. Are kitchen areas clean and tidy?

8. Are toilet and wash facilities clean and in good condition?
Ref HS-A4

9. Are all areas adequately lit, including provision of emergency lighting?

10. Sample 10 portable electrical appliances. Do they have a valid test date?
Ref HS-A3

11. Are electrical wall sockets, plugs and cables free of damage?
Ref HS-A3 and HS-A15

12. Are machine guards in place and in good condition?
Ref HS-A3

13. Sample 5 staff. Is appropriate PPE available for the tasks being performed and the staff members compliant with its use?
Ref HS-A7

14. Are the contents of first aid boxes complete?
Ref HS-A11

15. Are the names and contact numbers of first aiders current and displayed?
Ref HS-A11

16. Are eyewash stations fully stocked and bottles within the expiry date?
Ref HS-A11

17. Are current H&S minutes available to staff?
Ref HS-A10

18. Has the previous monthly walk round inspection been conducted, actions completed and signed off?
Ref HS-A1-WI.3

19. Are computer workstations set-up correctly and DSE assessments completed for each 'User'?
Ref HS-A6

20. Are disabled facilities, alarm, lights, grab rails etc in good condition?
Ref HS-A4

21. Are vehicles in a roadworthy condition and in good housekeeping condition?

22. Are hazardous materials stored away from drains?

23. Are all chemical storage areas/containers free from corrosion and leakages?

24. Are all hazardous materials stored with the appropriate signage and time expired materials removed?

25. Are all waste containers labeled and waste appropriately segregated?
Ref. EN-ENV-EV-S8-P4

26. Are spill kits adequately stocked and locked?
Ref. EN-ENV-EV-S8-P3

27. Is the spill response plan displayed and up to date?
Ref. EN-ENV-EV-S8-P3

28. Are local COSHH assessments available and up to date?
Ref. EN-ENV-HH-S6-P1

29. Is the general housekeeping standard acceptable?

30. Are colleagues upholding a professional standard of presentation (uniform standards if applicable) and behaviour?

Additional comments or findings.

Additional media if required.
Completion signoff
Signature of manager/nominee confirming inspection checklist is completed.

Send completed checklist to area team manager for review and to ensure findings are addressed and copy yourself.
You will receive a copy of the PDF inspection report. Save this in the appropriate inspection area folder on the management drive in 09 - Audits