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General safety

  • No staff food in refrigerator

  • No trip or slip hazards observed

  • Refrigerator temperature taken and patients food dated

  • Nothing else other than linen on linen cart

  • All equipment stored on one side of hallway

  • Top of linen cart covered

  • No equipment changing (plugged in)in hallway

  • Nothing parked in hallway longer than 30 minutes

Utility or storage room

  • Door to hallway closed not propped open

  • Top of linen cart covered when not in use

  • Signage posted for Oxygen storage area

  • Oxygen tank stored upright in a holder and sorted by full and empty tanks

Dirty utility holding room /sluice

  • Plumbed eyewash functional and checklist updated

  • No undersink storage

  • Biohazard waste contained

Clean Linen cupboard/room and waste cage

  • Windows to linen room closed and humidity controlled

  • Linen room /cupboard is dry

  • Linen cupboard locked and access controlled

  • Waste protected from access by pest . Access controlled system available

  • Plumbed eyewash provided and functional.checklist updated

  • Waste contained and not stacked on top of each other,and not placed Directly on the floor

Emergency Trolley

  • No expired supplies

  • Access controlled and maintained

  • No clutter on top

  • Daily check completed


  • No predrawn medication

  • No unsecured medication,sharps or syringes

  • No expired supplies

  • Discharged patients medication managed

  • Temperature logs completed with response to variances

  • Computerized pharmacy Portal logged off when not in use

  • Drawers or cabinet locked when in use

  • Door access controlled

  • Sterile water used for reconstitution

  • Pill crushers cleaned

  • Opened multi dose vials dated

  • No open single use vials

Point of care equipment

  • Lab quality assurance personnel process oversight evident

  • Operators trained and records available

  • Controls, strips and cartridges dated when opened

  • Glucometer cleaned

  • QC performed as per manufacturers instructions

Patient care

  • All low ceiling protrusions marked with mind your head signage

  • Mind your step signage on all staircases

  • Verbal orders records completed

  • Critical value records completed

  • Records for home medication

  • Patient review medication administration with staff

  • Time out for invasive procedures

  • Hand sanitizer is filled

  • PCI education record available and patients interViewed could demonstrate PCI procedure

  • Isolation precautions implemented

  • Confidentiality of medical records observed

  • Alarms are responded to

  • Emergency call lights and bells functional and within patients reach

  • PFE file present at patient care room and tools filled

  • Non ambulatory patients covered to maintain their dignity

  • Signage posted for fall Risk patients

  • Food delivered within the required timelines

  • Fall Risk assessment done and fall Risk patients wearing correct wrist band

  • All patients wearing correct identification band

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