• Date of Audit

  • Time Audit Start

  • Audit Summary / Recommendations

Previous Inspection

  • This Section of the Audit will review the progress of the most recent audit undertaken

  • has the last inspection been reviewed

  • Have all outstanding actions been addressed

  • List outstanding actions

Standard 6.1 Respectful and supportive relationships with families are developed and maintained.

  • Is there evidence Element 6.1.1 There is an effective enrolment and orientation process for families.

  • List evidence

  • All families attend an orientation session and with the current family handbook

  • Is there evidence of - Element 6.1.2 Families have opportunities to be involved in the service and contribute to service decisions.

  • List evidence

  • Provisions are made for families to provide feedback to the service

  • Policy review station / procedure is in operation

  • Is there evidence of - Element 6.1.3 Current information about the service is available to families.

  • List evidence

  • Information on policies, opening and closing times, events are provided to all families

Standard 6.2 Families are supported in their parenting role and their values and beliefs about childrearing are respected.

  • Is there evidence of - Element 6.2.1 The expertise of families is recognised and they share in decision making about their child’s learning and wellbeing.

  • List evidence

  • Opportunities for families to provide feedback and decision making on their child learning is available

  • Is there evidence of - Element 6.2.2 Current information is available to families about community services and resources to support parenting and family wellbeing.

  • List evidence

  • The centre has information to families in community languages available.

Standard 6.3 The service collaborates with other organisations and service providers to enhance children’s learning and wellbeing.

  • Is there evidence of - Element 6.3.1 Links with relevant community and support agencies are established and maintained.

  • List evidence

  • IS there evidence of - Element 6.3.2 Continuity of learning and transitions for each child are supported by sharing relevant information and clarifying responsibilities.

  • List evidence

  • Staff communication book is used and up to date

  • Element 6.3.3 Access to inclusion and support assistance is facilitated.

  • List evidence

  • Element 6.3.4 The service builds relationships and engages with the local community.

  • List evidence

  • The service has reliant links to local services and community organisations

  • List local services and community organisations

Audit finalisation

  • Select date

  • Audit completed by

  • Centre Representative sign off

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