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1. Layout

  • Area is clean, tidy and well kept.

  • Adequate storage area provided.

  • Floor is free of obstructions and slip resistant.

  • There is adequate ventilation.

2. Environment

  • Temperature is comfortable.

  • Lighting is adequate.

  • Area is free from odors?

3. Emergency Procedures

  • Written evacuation procedures and exits displayed

  • Portable fire extinguishers have been provided and maintained.

  • Escape routes and emergency doors are clear.

  • Emergency and hazard signage is clearly visable.

4. First Aid Facilities

  • There are appropriate first aid and emergency facilities in the near vicinity and workers' are aware of them.

  • Kits are clearly signed, stocked and contents are in-date.

  • Names and contacts of first aiders displayed and up to date.

5. General Facilities

  • Washing facilities are clean and functional.

  • Are stairs, passageways and store rooms well lit?

  • Warning and Safety signage in good condition.

8. Slips and Trips

  • Walkways are free of hazards, such as electrical leads.

9. Personal Protective Equipment

  • Instruction and information of PPE are available.

  • Signage of PPE requirements displayed.

  • Required PPE available

10. Noise

  • Hearing protection is being worn where required.

11. General questions

  • What kind of products are being mined?

  • Purpose of mining; commercial or other?

  • How long company has existed?

  • Are there quality control systems?

  • Is there a quality control officer?

  • Any certificates to confirm quality control?

  • What management system do they have?

12. Machinery and Plant

  • Records are kept of maintenance, alterations and inspections.

  • Availability of weighbridge?

  • How long weighbridge has been used

  • Is the weighbridge calibrated

  • Are safe work method statements/warning signs clearly visible?

  • Availability of weighbridge calibration certificate from an accredited company?

  • Are weighbridges verified

  • Are records of training held for appropriately trained people?

Other Hazards

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