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Quarterly LAA Safety Inspection

Emergency Contact

  • Emergency contacts and phone numbers posted on each lab entrance door. Are they correct? <br>


  • Is animal room cleaning performed using approved methods to minimize aerosols (e.g. wet moping)

  • Are contractors and visitors abiding by animal facility procedures and aware of the LAA risk?

  • Biosafety Certification Current

  • Changes of Vented Cage System HEPA filters performed with proper PPE

  • Counters and floors clean and clear of clutter.

  • A minimum of 28" egress is maintained.

  • Lab is free of trip hazards.

  • Equipment on benches is stable or secured.

  • Supplies stored in a stable and secure manner.

  • Sharps disposal container provided and clearly labeled.

  • No storage within 18 inches of sprinkler heads.

  • Hallways and exits are clear.

  • No food storage in lab.

  • No chemical storage in food areas.

  • Refrigerators are labeled "not for food storage".

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Is required PPE being worn in the facility (i.e. barrier clothing)

  • Appropriate shoes worn (e.g. no sandals, no high heels or open toe)

  • Appropriate gloves available.

Lab Equipment and Electrical Safety

  • Are tools and equipment in good repair, electrical cords and wires in good condition

  • No extension cords are being used

  • Are surge protectors connected to wall outlets and not to other extension cords or surge protectors

  • All anesthetic gases used in 100% exhausted biosafety cabinet. C02 for euthanasia, oxygen, ect,

  • Gas cylinders are secured to wall with straps.

  • Emergency Eyewash has been tested and flushed weekly. Check inspection card.

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