Has the injury been reported to the business within 48 hours?

Has the Rehabilitation and Return to Work Coordinator (RRTWC) contacted the injured worker within 48 hours of the incident/injury.

Has the worker been offered first aid and/or immediate treatment?

Has early contact (in the first 72 hours) been made with the Manager, Treating Doctor, Allied Health Provider(s) (if applicable) and Qantas Workers. Compensation Department (Insurer)?

Has the Insurer has been notified with 48hours of incident report to employer?

Has the Insurer been provided with the claim paper work within legislative time frames?


Has the Incident report form (and where required workers statement) been competed?

Investigations are completed and action items closed out?

Has the Claim Form been completed in its entirety?

If the injured worker declines to lodge a Workers Compensation Claim, has the appropriate form been completed?

Has a copy of all above mentioned forms been loaded to SIMS?


Has the role of the RRTWC been explained to the injured worker and contacts provided?

Has the Injury Management Guide for Queensland Employees been explained and provided to the employee?

Has the Injury Management Guide Acknowledgement form been signed?

Has a copy of the above mentioned form been loaded to SIMS?


Has the Authority to Release Medical Information form been explained to the injured worker?

Has the Authority to Release Medical Information form been signed by the injured worker?

Is all employee information stored in a secure location?

There is evidence on file that return to work review meetings are held in a confidential area and the injured worker has been offered the opportunity to bring a support person?

Consent is gained for external parties/ additional stakeholders ( ie unions) involved in the process?

A copy of the above mentioned documents have been loaded to SIMS?


Does the medical certificate have the correct and complete details for the injured worker?

Does the medical certificate have a correct/ valid diagnosis?

Does the medical certificate have the level of capacity noted?

Is there a review date for non-clearance certificates?

Is the medical certificate signed and dated by the treating medical practitioner?

Are restrictions noted appropriately on the certificate?

Are all medical certificates loaded in SIMS?


Is there a short file or claim file for the injured worker?
S 105

Is the name of the RRTWC/RTWC who is responsible for the injured worker correctly allocated in SIMS?

Does the RRTWC/RTWC responsible for the file reside in the state of the injured worker?
S226 Act

Are all notes and documents entered in a timely manner?
-within 5 business days WC CSS


Has the treating Doctor been provided with a list of suitable duties?

Has the injured worker been consulted about in the identification of suitable duties process?

Has the Manager/ Supervisor been consulted in the identification of suitable duties?

Has a suitable duties plan been created for each period of capacity in line with medical certificates?

Do suitable duties plans detail tasks performed as well as medical restrictions?

Has the suitable duties plan been signed by all relevant parties?

Have all Return to Work Plans/ Suitable Duties programs have been loaded in SIMS?


Is there evidence of communication/ discussion with the injured worker regarding their rehabilitation and progress with their suitable duties program?

Is there evidence of communication on the worker's progress with the workers Manager/ Supervisor?

Has contact been made with the treating doctor to confirm the RTW goal, time frames for recovery, treatment recommendations and with advice on workplace rehabilitation?
QLD - S106 (5)(c)

Have anticipated time frames for recovery have been discussed with the injured worker?

Is there evidence of communication with the treating doctor regarding the injured worker's progress with their return to work program?

Is there evidence on file of discussions with allied health personnel?

Is there evidence on file of timely communication with the Claims Analyst / Claims Manager?

Where rehabilitation providers are involved, is communication noted at least fortnightly?

Are return to work reviews/ meetings held between all relevant stakeholders?

For closed files, workers have been sent a claim closure letter?

For closed files, a file assessment has been completed?


Notes are entered by the appropriate RRTWC/ RTWC listed on claim?

Are file notes written in an accurate and objective manner?
QLD - S107 (2a)

Are file notes kept in a confidential manner ie relate only to worker, relevant to injury and rehabilitation of worker?

Do file notes contain actions and decisions?
QLD- S107(2b)

Do file notes contain reasons for actions and decisions?
QLD- S107(2b)


Compliance / Non Compliance applies to Acts or Regulations .
Conformance / Non Conformance applies to Qantas group policies and procedures

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.