Tail rotor gearbox

  • Oil level

  • Wire locking correct

  • Teletemp installed

  • Wires connected

  • Mounted correctly


  • Mount SB done

  • Torque seal

  • Stinger

Tail rotor

  • Tracking done

  • Pitchlinks

  • Push pull tubes

  • Bearing

  • Torque seal


  • Plastic cover

  • Tail rotor guard

  • Antennas

  • Wires

  • Torque seal

Push pull tubes

  • Palnuts &jam nuts

  • Torque seal


  • Sheave alignment

  • Small link

  • Teletemp

  • Torque seal


  • Slip line

  • Wire locking

  • Scroll gap

  • Torque seal

  • Bearing plate SB

  • Cooling hoses

Oil coolers

  • Torque seal

  • Cracks


  • Tight

  • Exhaust straps

  • Cracks


  • Connected

  • Cooling hose


  • Installed correctly

  • Palnuts

  • Silver tape

  • Torque seal

  • Clamps on fuel hose

  • Clamps on breather


  • Clamps on frames

  • Tight connections


  • Mount shimming

  • Wiring

  • Tension

  • Torque seal


  • Wiring

  • Mounts

  • Torque seal

  • Timing pin

Oil system

  • Pipes tight

Fuel system

  • Throttle rigging

  • Mixture rigging

  • Fuel flows

  • Gascolator wire locked

  • Torque seal

  • Bleed fuel

Engine mounts

  • Palnuts

  • Torque seal


  • Air filter

  • Intake pipe


  • Fluid level

  • No leaks

  • Torque seal


  • Functioning

Main rotor gearbox

  • Teletemps

Fuel tanks

  • No leaks

  • Drain valve


  • Cracks

  • Loose screws

  • Alignment

Main rotor blades

  • Marked

  • Boot

  • Torque seal


  • Wire locked

  • Torque seal


  • Closed

  • Clean


  • Functioning

  • Radios

  • Instrument lights

  • Compass bubble

  • Siren


  • Functioning

Job pack

  • Defects signed

  • Parts booked out

  • Tool check

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