HSE Notification and Postholders

  • Has the employer notified the HSE of the intention to use radioactive sources?

  • Has the employer completed the registration process at http://www.hse.gov.uk/radiation/ionising/notification-process.htm in accord with IRR17?

  • Has the employer appointed a Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA)?

  • Has a Radiation Protection Supervisor (Schools) been appointed?

  • Is the RPS (Schools) a Teacher (rather than a technician)?

  • Has the RPS attended the relevant CLEAPSS training course?

Standard Operating Procedures

  • Are the Standard Operating Procedures and contingency plans in place?

  • Have the name and contact details of the following been included in the Standard Operating Procedures and/or in the science department’s health and safety policy?

  • The schools RPS?

  • The Local Authority Radiation Protection Officer?

  • The Radiation Protection Advisor?

  • Are all the radioactive substances kept, suitable for use in schools and colleges?

  • Are the radioactive substances held at the school within the 'Standard School Holding'?

  • Have any additional sources been justified and approved?

Monitoring Equipment

  • Is appropriate monitoring equipment available?

  • Is the monitoring equipment in good working order?

Storage & Fire

  • Are there satisfactory storage arrangements for radioactive substances?

  • Are sources kept in a steel cupboard, bolted to the wall or a fixed bench?

  • Are there spill trays in the store where necessary?

  • Is the store free of sources which are awaiting disposal?

  • is the source storage cabinet free of other items?

  • Is the store marked with the appropriate warning sign?

  • Is the source cupboard located in a lockable internal room?

  • Are sources kept in a room free of flammable and corrosive substances (or at least 4m away)?

  • Sources are at least 2m from where workers are regularly located?

  • Sources at least 1m from where pupils work?

  • Have the Fire and Rescue Service been told where the radioactive substances are kept?


  • Is there a radioactive source history, for each source?

  • Does this include the results of periodic inspections and leak tests?

  • Is the "use log" completed whenever sources are used?

  • Is the monthly simple store-check record up-to-date?

  • Is the resource list complete and accurate and does it tally with the RA1 form?

  • Are all sources listed present in the store?

  • Is the RPS checklist for radioactive sources and store completed annually?

Staff using Sources

  • Is there a list of staff authorised to handle or use radioactive sources?

  • Is the RPS (Schools) satisfied that staff authorised to handle or use radioactive substances are appropriately qualified?

  • Is the RPS (Schools) satisfied that each member of staff who handles or uses radioactive substances is familiar with and understands the Standard Operating Procedures?

  • Has the RPS (Schools) provided appropriate instruction and training to each member of staff who handles or uses radioactive substances?

  • Has the RPS (Schools) ensured that appropriate instruction and training is given to all students, particularly those aged 16 and above who handle sealed sources?

  • Are the RPS (Schools), staff aware of current L93 guidance and latest versions of risk assessments?

Previous Audit

  • Have all actions from the previous Audit been satisfactorily completed?

Summary and conclusions

Please address any queries to

  • Deborah Stickland Radiation Protection Officer Corporate Health and Safety Team HR & Corporate Support Finance and Corporate Services London Borough of Bexley 2 Watling Street, Bexleyheath, Kent DA6 7AT Third Floor East Tel: 020 3045 5414

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