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Ranger Services - Blue Alert

  • Confirm and take note of the current location of all staff in your section

  • Conduct Patrols of Town sites for Cyclone hazards as required

  • Fuel all vehicles, jerry cans and fire pumps

  • Secure lose items in pound and around abandoned vehicle impounded

  • Feed animals in pound

  • Ensure tie down materials are at hand

  • Charge all council mobile phones, two way radios and equipment.

  • Charge Satellite Phone

  • If advised that it is likely that a Blue Alert will be called after the close of business, or is likely to occur over a weekend, all Blue Alert and Yellow Alert checklists are to be completed by close of business.

  • Confirm and create a list of the current staff in your section, include staff on annual or personal leave and their personal contact information. This ensures they can be informed if they are required or when the all clear is given the specified return to work time.

  • Reduce or remove the animals in the pound. If practical organise housing for dogs at the vet or with SAFE carers over the cyclone period.

  • Advise all campers to leave McGregor St Overflow Camping area and relocate out of the path of incoming cyclone

  • Seal McGregor St RV Overflow Camping Area to prevent Entry and post sign informing of closure

  • Return completed checklist to Manager Environmental Health

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