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I. General Facility Housekeeping

• Sink tops and under sink cabinets are rust free, stain free, and no leaks are detected.

• Verify sinks are not dripping when valves are turned off

• Bench tops, areas around instrumentation, storage shelves, and floors uncluttered, orderly and dust free.

• Hoods uncluttered and orderly. Ensure all items within the hood are labeled properly.

• Door windows clean

• Walls free from markings and dust

• Ceiling tiles free from damages and stains

• Lab and tile floors clean

• Aisles, fire extinguishers, eye washes, safety showers & exits are free from obstruction

• Gas cylinders secure and stored properly

• PPE must be available for use

Other Observations / Comments

II. General Laboratory

• Sonicator and Dissolution water clear. Ensure attached hosing is clean.

• Chemical wastes labelled appropriately

• Clear separation of acids, bases, liquids, and solids

• Solvents, Reagents are within expiry

• All squirt bottles must be labelled with solvent

• Solutions/samples stored in the refrigerator are within expiry and labeled properly

• Reference standards labelled correctly

• Spot check two to three instrument logbooks to ensure that periodic reviews are being conducted and documented.

• Verify Balances have minimum weight labeled on it and is accurate. Ensure that balances and the enclosures are clean.

• Spot check two to three instrument logbooks for documentation issues

• Verify visual boards are compliant

• Verify calibration stickers on instruments

• Verify any tagged out instrument has a logbook entry/or Maximo reference for that activity

Other Observations / Comments

III. Compliance/Data Integrity

• Spot check two to three product notebooks to confirm that audit trails are being conducted and documented.

• Spot check two to three Stand-alone instruments to verify user logins/permissions (Group B and Group C instruments)

• Verify time/date stamp on stand-alone instruments.

• Verify the Reboot in the instrument logbook

• Verify the monthly shut downs and restarts (required as per DS-SOP-6578) for data acquisition consoles

• Verify systems group audit trails are being reviewed

Other Observations / Comments

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