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  • Conducted on

  • Site Name:

  • Location

RBS Mandatory Compliance Checks


  • Onsite - Confirmed with NCR IC

  • NCR Contact Name:

  • ATM Class/Model Number

  • ATM Serial number:

  • Custom ATM LU Number

  • PC Core Tamper Label Serial Number:

  • PC Core Tamper Label Intact and Secure?

  • EPP Serial Number:

  • EPP Serial checked with NCR IC

  • NCR Contact

Tamper Check:

  • Tick to confirm that the card reader, card entry, the EPP and surrounding areas have not been modified or tampered with.


General Checks:

  • Builders Check-Sheet Checked & Details Correct?

  • Comments:

ATM Branding and Decals

  • Bezel Correctly Fitted to Surround? If No then take a picture.

  • Image of surround

  • Is the Fascia unmarked and undamaged? If No – Take picture

  • Image of damaged Facia

  • Is the ATM Fascia and any Wall board that the ATM is mounted to, silicone sealed? If No - Take picture

  • Image of wall board

  • Is the light/logo panel seal intact? If No – Take picture

  • Image of light/logo seal

Module Checks & Tests

Card Reader

  • Card reader passed self test

Receipt Printer

  • Image of printed slip

Journal Printer

  • Journal Printer self test Passed


  • Cables Checked

  • Functional Test


  • Working (Configured Correctly if 6634)

Fascia Light

  • Working

Staff Training

  • Green Button Training Completed?

  • If No/NA please detail why?

BIOS Security

  • Bios Password Set?

  • BIOS Boot Order Set


Key training points.

  • Training start time

Brief overview

  • Access to Top box (and Facia if a 6632)

  • Overview of modules located in top box. (card reader, printers etc)

  • Safe Modules overview. (Dispenser currently disabled on offline units)


  • Receipt printer (Opening and clearing jams, paper types and loading)

  • Journal Printer (Opening and clearing jams and loading)


  • Overview of main elements of the SDM (Bill validator, Infeed, cassettes etc etc)

  • Function and limitations

  • Main LED status indicators

  • Cash, cheques and reject bins. Removal and emptying.

  • Clearing Jams and red LED indicators.

  • Endorser - Cleaning

  • Explain delicate nature of the SDM and care required when removing jams so not to damage SDM unit.

Operator interface

  • Service assistant

  • ATM Status Screen

  • Device Action List & Text / Video Lead Through

  • “Button” Functions

  • Receipt fault demonstrated

  • Function & use of Test ”button”

  • Full faults list explained

  • Shutdown / Reboot explained

  • Staff trained (Names)

  • 2/3 transactions carried out by branch staff.

  • Training end time.


Completion and Completion Checks

  • Tick to confirm - Test Media & All peripheral devices (keyboard/mouse) have been removed?

Customer Representative

  • Signature

  • Comments

  • Time and Date


  • Signature

  • Comments

  • Time and Date

Off site

  • Off Site - Confirmed with NCR IC

  • NCR Contact Name

Software Rebuild

In the event a Software Rebuild is required, this must be authorised by NCR Country Support.

  • Software Reload Required?

  • Rebuild Authorised by:

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