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A. Pre Inspection (Desktop Analysis)

  • A1 Review original Audit recommendations.

  • A2 Review contractor’s Dilapidation report.

  • A3 Review Inspection Test Plans (Testing &
    Commissioning docs).

  • A4 Review Shop and As-Built drawings.


  • Were the works complete at the time of inspection?

B.2 General Overall Condition

  • B2.1 Check DB label, danger notices, warning notices,
    instructions (and similar information) are correctly
    and adequately provided and fitted.

  • B2.2 Check that DB is mounted securely and there are no obstructions

  • B2.3 Check that mounting height and clearance around
    the DB is satisfactory.

  • B2.4 Check DB has no visible physical damage.

  • B2.5 Check DB is clean and free of loose objects.

B3 With DB Door Open

  • B3.1 Check provision of metering, surge diverters,
    emergency lighting test switch (if applicable) are

  • B3.2 If Fire indicator panel (FIP) circuit is present ensure
    warning label is present

  • B3.3 If emergency lighting test switch is present ensure
    warning label is present

  • B3.4 Check that circuit schedules and circuit labels are

  • B3.5 Check current rating and function of each circuit is
    correct and matches circuit schedule.

  • B3.6 Check escutcheons panel cut-outs are suitably

  • B3.7 Check door gaskets seals are not damaged

  • B3.8 Check pole fillers are provided to spare poles.

  • B3.9 Check door can be open and closed smoothly

  • B3.10 Check door lock can be locked and unlocked
    smoothly, and key is available.

  • B3.11 Check cables (entering & existing DB) are
    adequately fixed, supported and glands provided.

  • B3.12 Check a minimum of 30% spare pole spaces
    together with pole fillers provided.

  • B3.13 Check DB installation is in line with the Shop/ As-
    built drawings. (If no, mark up deviations on the


  • C1Check RCBO’s have been installed to the power
    circuits as per the auditor’s recommendations (or
    Dilapidation report).

  • C2 Check that RCBO’s have been mounted and
    installed correctly.

  • C3 Cross-check with circuit schedule that all power
    circuits are provided with RCD protection.

  • C4 Check that circuit schedules are provided


  • Notes


  • Generally images should contain clear image of: • Distribution Board & ID Label • Close-up of internal of DB • Circuit Schedule • General surrounds around the Distribution Board

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