• Recovre Home Based WHS & Ergonomic Self Assessment

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  • Lumbar support is adequate and positioned in lower back curve?

  • Chair adjusted to optimise posture. Shoulders are positioned slightly behind hips and knees level with hips?

  • Armrests not stopping chair from accessing desk?

  • Desk height adjusted to ensure shoulders are relaxed, elbows bent and forearms supported on desk?

  • Feet supported (i.e. feet flat on the floor or consider footrest to ensure knees are level with hips)?

  • Monitor height and angle appropriate for to maintain neutral neck position?

  • Monitor at suitable distance to view easily (i.e. approx. arms length away)?

  • Shoulders relaxed when key boarding, key board legs on lowest setting to avoid extension of the wrists?

  • Mouse is used without stretching/overreaching (i.e. positioned close to keyboard)?

  • If regularly transcribing from documents, documents positioned between the monitor and keyboard to avoid repetitive neck rotation?

  • Frequency of telephone use determined. If computing required when on telephone, consider provision of a headset or using phone on speaker?

  • Commonly used items (i.e. telephone, documents) are within easy reach on desk? <br>

  • Removal of desk clutter. Set-up desk to allow position for computing and position for writing/reading?

  • Work is organised to enable varying work posture and activity at least once every hour.

  • Workstation ergonomics flyer is displayed in the home office?

    Workstation Ergonomics Flyer
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Workplace Health & Safety (WHS)


  • Are floor surfaces even, free of slips/trips/falls hazards and in good condition?

  • Are office floors, walkways, storerooms and stairways clear of obstacles?

  • Are stairs fitted with a handrail?

  • Area walkways kept clear of open drawers and cupboard doors?

  • Are walkways free of electrical, telephone and computer cables?


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  • Is the ventilation adequate (i.e. no draughts, or extremes or temperature)?

  • Is lighting adequate for work being performed (i.e. not to dull, no flickering or shadows)?

  • Are light fittings, light bulbs and fluorescent tubes clean and in good working order?

  • Are distracting or disruptive noises in the work area minimised (e.g. photocopiers not to close to workstations)? <br>

  • Is there sufficient space for tasks to be safely carried out?

  • Are the kitchen and bathroom amenities clean and tidy?


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  • Are storage areas kept clean and tidy?

  • Are any items stored higher than 1800mm?

  • Are items stored securely and not in danger of falling?

  • Are heavy or regularly used items stored between mid thigh & shoulder height?

  • Is there sufficient storage space in the work area?

  • Are filing cabinets stable when ore than one draw is open?

  • Is there sufficient space around storage areas for easy and safe access?

  • Are drawers and cupboards closed when not in use?

  • Are you aware of correct manual handling techniques?


  • Provide details:


  • Is the wiring of electrical appliances in good order (e.g. no damaged, discoloured cords or exposed wires etc.)

  • Are plugs and switches in good working condition?

  • All power sockets and computer connections easily accessible and being used in a safe manner?

  • Are power boards (with surge protector for computer) being used?


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  • Is there a functional and appropriately stocked first aid kit in the home?

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  • Does the home have a functioning smoke detector in place?

  • Does the home have a fire blanket?

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  • Are all access and exit points readily accessible and free from obstructions?

  • Is there an Emergency Evacuation Procedure and Emergency Contacts displayed in the home office?

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  • Are you aware of the WHS Team Member for your office?


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