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  • Audit: Shire Office Workplace Inspection

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System Administration

  • Occupational Health and Safety Policy developed and available?

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  • Occupational Health and Safety Manual available in the workplace?

  • Hazard Report and Near Miss Forms available?

  • Incident Report Forms available in the Workplace?

  • Procedures implemented for dealing with difficult/violent customers?

  • Employee workplace Induction developed and being used?

Fire and Emergency

  • Emergency Procedures prominently displayed?

  • Fire extinguishers, hose reels etc, checked?

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  • Is there an adequate number of fire extinguishers?

  • Fire extinguishers clearly and correctly marked?

  • Is fire equipment (including extinguishers) easily accessible?

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  • Are entrances, exits, and walkways clear, unobstructed and signed?

  • Are fire blankets correctly located in the kitchen work area?

  • Are emergency evacuation drills practised?

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First Aid

  • First Aid facilities in place and people trained?

  • Relevant rescue equipment available and maintained?

  • Are spinal boards available and restraints maintained?

  • Is Oxygen equipment available?

  • Test date

  • Is the first aid room signposted?

  • Are emergency phone numbers displayed?

  • Is a current CPR chart displayed?

Swimming Pool

  • Is the plant room door locked and is access restricted?

  • Is the HAZCHEM signed displayed?

  • Is there adequate ventilation present?

  • Is self contained breathing apparatus available?

  • Date tested

  • Is noise in the pant room at an acceptable level?

  • If Chlorine gas is used to sanitise the pool, is a leak detector alarmed?

  • Is the alarm tested and results documented?

  • Is access to the balance tank closed and locked?

  • Are confined spaces identified, signed and secure?

  • If staff are required to access confined space for maintenance purposes, have they completed confined space entry training?

  • Is there a confined space entrance procedure?

  • Is a permit issued to authorise confined space entry?


  • Is fire detection and suppression equipment adequate?

  • Are filters above the deep fryer functional and cleaned on a regular basis?

  • Are there any manual handling issues present i.e. Roller doors, storage etc?

Waste and Pest Control

  • Waste disposal procedures known and adhered to?

  • Rubbish bins regularly emptied and cleaned?

  • Pest and vermin reduction/control procedures in place?

Ventilation and Lighting

  • Are all lights working, and are the illumination levels adequate for the work/task area?

  • Lights clean, working and in good condition?

  • Are ventilation and air conditioning systems maintained and in working order?


  • Toilet, shower areas neat and clean?

  • Toilets: Are facilities/materials in place to ensure that adequate hygiene standards can be met?

  • Are toilets free from the storage of material?

  • Are kitchen, lunchroom, crib facilities appropriate and in good condition?

  • Are hand washing facilities appropriate?

Manual Handling and Personal Protective Equipment

  • Personal Protective Equipment available and being used?

  • Are trolleys, safety steps, A Frame portable ladders available if required and in good condition?

  • PPE guidelines developed and enforced?

  • Staff aware, and use manual handling protocols?

  • Are pool inflatables available and if so has a manual handling risk assessment been completed?


  • Electrical switchboards covered and accessible?

  • Extension leads, plugs and power points appear in good order?

  • Electrical items inspected as per AS/NZ 3760 (12 monthly inspection)?

  • RCD inspected and tested (6 monthly)?

  • RCD's used with portable equipment?

Hazardous Substances

  • Is there a current Hazardous Substances Register for all chemicals on site?

  • Material Safety Data Sheets current (within 5 years)?

  • Are MSDS's available for all Hazardous Substances?

  • Are all Hazardous substances appropriately stored?


  • Is there a Visitor/Contractor sign in/sign out Register?

  • Are all doors, windows and site entrance points secured out of work hours?

  • Is internal security suitable for work area?

  • Are there procedures in place to dealing with difficult or aggressive patrons?

  • Are staff trained to deal with difficult or aggressive patrons?

External Areas

  • Security of outside areas functional and maintained (including lighting)?

  • Are the grounds clear of hazards?

  • Vegetation in grounds controlled and firebreaks installed?

  • Vehicular movement areas maintained, good lines of site and aligned to site traffic management plan and rules?


  • Is ergonomics training offered to staff?

  • Ergonomic protocols been developed?

  • Have all workstations been ergonomic ally assessed? (Keyboard directly in front of monitor, easily adjustable chair, top of monitor at eye level, footrest available if required)

  • Staff aware of ergonomic protocols?

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