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1 Site set up

  • 1.1 Have you been given the Scope of Works (SOW)

  • 1.2 Have you walked through the site and understand the requirements in relation to the SOW.

  • 1.3 Do you understand that you are expected to meet with Redclean or client management after every shift until such time that you are completing the works required as per the SOW.

  • 1.4 Do you understand that all defects from your daily shift MUST be rectified that day or within the agreed time frame set by either management.

  • 1.5 Do you understand that if you do not rectify your defects you will be back charged for the time it takes to do so and that any travel time will be included.

  • 1.6 Do you understand that regular repeats to defects or issues could result in you loosing your job, you being fired, you being taken off that site or reduction in shifts.

2 Keys and Alarms

  • 2.1 Have you been issued or will you be issued with a set of keys

  • 2.2 Do you understand that you and only you are the authorized holder of the keys and you are not allowed to give them to anyone un less authorized by Redclean.

  • 2.3 Do you understand that the loss of keys will incur replacement costs

  • 2.4 Do you understand that you should not writ the alarm code on anything related to your key ring, job site, within your phone in relation to the client.

  • 2.5 Do you have the alarm company details in case you have problems with the alarm.

  • 2.6 Do you have Redclean after hour number if you have any issues with keys and alarm.

  • 2.6 Do you know where the light switches are?

  • 2.7 Do you know that you should always lock any external doors after entry and that at no time should a door be left open, chocked open, propped open.

  • 2.8 Do you understand that if there are any issues with the alarm or doors left open or unlocked you are required to return back to the site to fix the issue.

  • 2.9 Do you understand that without warning you can be fired on the spot for the loss of keys, leaving doors opened, leaving doors unlocked, not arming the alarm, giving the keys to un authorized persons, letting un authorized persons on site.

  • Please take a photo of keys issued, light switches, door entry.

  • Keys - lights - doors

3 Uniforms

  • Redclean takes the wearing of uniforms very seriously we have invested a lot of money building our Brand and the importance of the uniform is on the fore front of that Brand awareness. We except no reason for not wearing the uniform. We will replace any uniform you might have which is damaged while on duty. Please request any extra part of the uniform you might require due to high wearing.

  • 3.1 Do you understand that at all times you must wear the uniform while on site.

  • 3.2 Do you understand that the uniforms consist of both shirt and pants.

  • 3.3 Do you understand that if you are not wearing your uniform on site you will be issued with a new set and charged for a new replacement set every time.

  • 3.4 Do you understand that if you finish working for Redclean you are required to return the uniform clean or you will be charged for the items missing and dry cleaning.

  • 3.5 Do you understand that repeat issues with not wearing the uniform could result in reduction of shifts, you being replaced at that site or you being fired.

  • Please take photo of uniform if possible

4 Communication Book (CB) - Weekly Inspections - QA checks

  • 4.1 Do you understand what the CB is used for?

  • 4.2 Do you understand that you have to read / check the CB every shift before you start your shift

  • 4.3 Do you know that the CB is for both YOU and management to communicate.

  • 4.4 Do you know that even if you have recorded an issue or a problem in the CB that you MUST still report all issues to management. The CB is there for you to record any problems and issues but you must always follow up any issue or problem you have daily.

  • 4.5 Do you know that every Monday and Tuesday Redclean has an external company call all clients to ask QA type questions related to your site. All issues must be rectified during your next shift. Failure to comply will incur back charges.

  • 4.5 Do you understand that Redclean does Weekly site inspections on all sites and that you will be required to rectify all defects and issues during your next shift.

5 OH&S

Confirmed and Signed

  • Staff / Subcontractor / Representative: I agree and understand all questions in relation to site set up and will comply with Redclean Terms and Conditions.

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