Are the bandages within three month of expiry?

Conforming Bandage 5CM
Conforming Bandage 10CM
Bandage Triangular 110CM x 110CM
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Dressing Wound # 13

Dressing Wound # 14

Dressing Wound # 15
Non-Adherent Dressing 7.5CM x 10CM
Pad, Non-Adherent 10CM x 20CM
Eye pad - LRGE

Strips Adhesive - BAG OF 50

Wound Cleaning

Swabs Alcohol - BAG OF 10

Cotton buds sterile - 5Pk
Splinter probes disposable Strip
Gauze Sterile Swabs 7.5CM x 7.5CM x 5PK
Saline steritube - 15 ML

Personel Protection

Gloves Latex LRGE - BAG OF 10

Gloves remaining

Resusomask Disposable /1

Protective Eyewear


Scissors S/S Sharp/Blunt - 12.5CM

Forceps S/S Sharp - 12.5CM

Blanket Emergency Shock


Hypo-Allergenic Tape 2.5CM x 9.1M

Safety Pins - BAG OF 12

Notebook and Pencil /1

Cold Compress Instant Disposable

First Aid quick reference manual

Internal content lists

Biohazard Specimen bag /1

Plastic bag re-resealable - /SML

Plastic bag re-resealable - /MED

Plastic bag re-resealable - /LRGE

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