Previous Inspection

Has the last inspection been reviewed

Are there any outstanding actions

HGR Personnel

Have proper work attire on (boots, shirt tucked in, jeans)

Have tape measure, pen and note pad on person

Employees aware of emergency procedures

HGR Trailer Checklist

HGR sign in sheet and badges utilized

Are site rules on display

Is there a copy of the jobsite policy signed and dated by all forman onsite

Is there a version of the Construction Schedule posted

First aid kit fully stocked

OSHA Postings

Emergency numbers / contacts posted

Weekly Toolbox talks

MSDS from all subcontractors

Does the Superintendent have proper tools needed

Map to nearest emergency center posted

Job site address posted in trailer, are all field personal aware and capable of giving directions to emergency crew


Are the As-Builts up to date and properly maintained

Are there any outstanding RFI's

Are all addendum's present for trades to review

General house keeping

Site Illumination-are there any existing exterior lighting in need of service

Are areas by trailers and dumpster clean

Any trash left outside due to dumpster being overfilled needs to be on pallets and covered and taped with 4mil plastic.

Are the toilet areas clean and adequately equipped

Are "No Smoking" signs posted where needed

Is the dirt removed from trench locations properly stored and covered to minimize washout

Are lifts cleaned off before exiting building

Are all lifts diapered, have light colored tires, parked in one location

Make sure no lifts are parked on top of grease traps and are not blocking generators or other Publix serviceable items

Is delivery area clear of vehicles prior to morning deliveries

Are work areas being managed safely

Is there provision to minimize dust on product

Is general neatness of working areas acceptable

All areas need to have plastic covering all ceiling openings and raw drywall in all prep areas and departments

General scope items to review

Are floor openings properly covered with plates, secured, carpeted and taped down

Are trench widths adequate for pipe size/type

Is compaction equipment adequate to achieve specified results

Are all materials being installed in accordance with design specification

Is caulk and grout being used at all pipes and fixtures mounted on walls and floors

Is temporary storage of materials and supplies done in a organized fashion

Verify no equipment is set in place unless it is completely operational

Verify all equipment is onsite a week prior to change out

Does all equipment fit under soffit and is ansul system located in the right places

Make sure on all temp doors at restrooms and pharmacies use a slide bolt or hasp with twist knob

Lockout procedures utilized

All electrical panels have covers on, if not is electrical personal within 20' line of sight.

Electrical junction boxes closed every night

Are extension cords being used free from nicks, gouges, cuts and have proper grounding

Call in for additional dumpster on nights of extensive demo or equipment change out

Recurring punch list items

All old caulking and wall anchors have been removed and penetrations have been filled

Verify all restroom flush valves are plumb and level

Verify all new toilets are straight and secured with grout around bowl

Stainless steel screws are being used in all sinks and legs

In all departments verify all newly installed flooring is siliconed to wall finishes

Verify all new sprinkler heads install in coolers and freezers are installed per detail

Verify all new roof top equipment is installed with stainless screws

Verify any and all new roof top refrigeration equipment is welded completely


Owner deliveries

HGR deliveries

Subcontractor deliveries

Make sure no material is being stored inside

Under no circumstances is Publix equipment to be used by non Publix personal (I.e. shopping carts, birds, pallet jacks, floats)


What are some positive findings for site

What are some opportunities for improvements on site

Do we have any upcoming challenges that we need to keep an eye on

Management review

Is general overall cleanliness acceptable

Is proper notification (at least 48 hours) given prior to when areas need cleared

Is back door access being properly maintained

Does store personal have any concerns

Sign Off
On Site representative
Owner representative
Auditor's Signature
Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.