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Address/Crossroads of Horse(s)

Original Contact Details

Number of Horses
Original Pictures Received

Investigation Findings

RVR Lead Investigator For Case

Date/Time of Investigation

Who went with you on this investigation?

Owner's Name

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Investigation Findings

Photos of Investigation
Follow Up Needed?

Animals Released?

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Legal Concerns

Has AG/Authorities Been Involved?

If in past when were they involved?

Outcome of authority involvement

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Why are they involved?

AG/Authority Contact Name

Contact Phone

Horse Questions

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Sex of Horse
Body Score

Any Known/Obvious Health Concerns


Age of Horse (estimate)

Breed of Horse (if known)

Photo(s) of Horse
General Attitude & Demeanor


Manure Amount
Manure Appearance
Urine Amount
Urine Appearance
Current Coggins?
Photo of current coggins

General Comments


Additional Information Regarding Rescue/Investigation

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