Residential Pool Inspection Checklist

  • Bonding of the steel reinforcement for the pool shell. (equipotential bonding) Min. 8 awg solid.

  • Bonding of the pool light fixture.

  • Verify overhead conductor clearance (Utility, cable, and phone lines).

BUILDING Call in code #340 *(Pool Steel/Pipe Pressure).

  • Verify electrical inspection has been approved.

  • Verify location of pool on site.

  • Verify installation of structural steel reinforcement is in compliance with the City approved plans and meets the minimum requirements of the Florida Building Code 2007 edition and updates for 2009.

  • Verify main drain installation.

  • Verify pipe pressure to a minimum of 35 psi.

  • Verify that temporary fence is in place for safeguards during construction.

  • Verify reinforcement bar size, lap and spacing per construction plans.

  • Clearance from soil.

  • Soil is clean of debris and roots.

ELECTRICAL Call in code # 355 (Underground)

  • Verify burial depths, # of bends, conduit.

ELECTRICAL Call in # 341 ( Pool deck/Grounding)

  • Verify equipotential bonding is installed, (pouring concrete or pavers) for pool deck.

BUILDING Call in # 342 (Deck/Pipe Pressure)

  • Soil compaction. Pool piping/ pressure test (min. 35 psi)

  • That the termite treatment has been installed within 1 foot of the existing building, where the pool deck will be installed.

  • Verify that expansion joints are installed.

  • Bonding of all metal with-in 5 feet of the pool wall is required.

BUILDING Call in # 100 (Footer) as needed

  • Soil Compaction.

  • Location on site.

  • Footers for retaining walls, screen rooms or additions shown on the construction plans that are ready to be poured.

  • Plans for future structure.

Electrical Call in #600 Final inspections.

  • Approved Electrical inspections, as well as the pool safety check, are required PRIOR to Pool fill with water. (Florida Building Code, 2007 edition. R4101.19.) (A second electrical final may be required for bonding of screen enclosures or other structures.)

  • Verify Pool pump wiring.

  • Grounding of equipment and structures.

  • Verify GFCI protection of pool light and receptacles.

  • Verify locations of equipment per approved plans.

  • An additional Final inspection may be required. If a required for pool screen or other structures that are required by NEC 2008 edition to be bonded.

BUILDING Call in # 343 Pool Safety Check

  • Verify pool drain cover. ( Covers shall be located at pool equipment for inspection)

  • Verify pool barrier requirements are installed and code compliant.

  • Florida Statues 515 Regarding the “Residential swimming pool safety act” as well as City of Orlando Codes regarding exterior fences and gates. See City code ordinances Section 5B(11) Swimming pools, Hot tubs and hydro spas

  • Exterior access to any swimming must Swings outward away from the pool and must be through a self-closing and Self-latching gate operable only from the inside. The latches placed at least four (4) feet above the underlying ground and operable from the interior of the swimming pool area only. If the latch is accessible from the exterior the min. height above grade is 54 inches. All gates opening through such enclosure shall be kept securely closed and latched at all times.

  • Barrier and alarms as applicable.

Building Call in # 600 Final Inspection.

  • Pool/Spa covers.

  • Main Drain is installed.

  • Total Dynamic Head pressure (TDH) for pool pump must match approved plans.

  • Landscape installed.

  • Verify that Setback requirements are met.

  • Sidewalk repair and driveway approach in the public right of way.

  • Dumpster and debris removal

  • Check final grade.

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