Workplace Inspection


Is the OH&S Policy displayed or readily available?

Are incident reports readily available?

Are workplace inspection records available and up to date?

Are emergency procedures displayed?

Are Documented Safe Work Procedures available and up to date?

Are Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) available?

Is a Safety, Health and Environmental Systems manual available?


Are work areas free from rubbish and obstructions?

Are surfaces safe and suitable?

Are all areas free from slip / trip and fall hazards?

Are stock / materials stored safely?


Are walkways unobstructed and clearly defined?

Is vision available at all corners?

Do walkways allow for easy access / use?


Are there any broken plugs, sockets or switches?

Are there any frayed or defective leads evident?

Are all power tools in good condition?

Is it general practice that no work is completed near exposed live electrical equipment?

Are there any strained leads evident?

Are there any cable / trip hazards evident?

Are all switches / circuits identified?

Are lock-out procedures / danger tags in place?

Are start / stop switches clearly identified?

Are all electrical switchboards secured?

Is all appropriate fire fighting equipment available?


Are all plant and equipment in safe working condition?

Are daily safety inspection procedures / checklists available?

Are fault reporting / rectification systems up to date?

Are warnings and instructions displayed?

Are warning lights operational?

Are reversing alarms operational (where fitted)?

Are Fire Extinguishers readily available?

Are tyres in satisfactory condition?

Is SWL (Safe Working Load) information of lifting or carrying equipment displayed?

Are there any leaking fluids such as oil or fuel present?


Is there adequate work space available?

Are all machinery and workbenches clean and tidy?

Are machinery and workbenches free from excess oil and grease?

Are machinery and workbenches adequately guarded?

Are warnings and instructions displayed?

Is all machinery operated safely and correctly?

Are machinery and workbenches clear of rubbish?

Are all tools in their correct place?

Are duckboards or floor mats provided?


Are MSDS' (Material Safety Data Sheet) available?

Are hazardous substances stored in accordance with MSDS'?

Are drums of hazardous materials stored in bunded areas?

Are all containers labeled correctly?

Is protective clothing / equipment available and used appropriately?

Are proper waste disposal procedures evident?

Are chemical handling procedures followed?

Is a chemical register available and up to date?

Is appropriate emergency / first aid equipment available?

Is hazchem signing displayed?


Are unsafe or hazardous areas signposted and fenced?

Is a Safe Work Procedure in place?


Are all workers provided with appropriate PPE?

Is appropriate PPE worn by workers at all times?

Are Incident Notification forms available (use for Hazard, Near Miss, Environmental, Injury, Property Damage, General Report, Customer Feedback)?

Are Suncream and sunglasses being consistently used (where appropriate)?

is there correct signage at access points?


Is use of excessive force and repetitive movements minimised where applicable?

Is appropriate workplace ergonomics training and information provided to workers?


Are all materials effectively stored in racks / bins (where appropriate)?

Are shelves free of rubbish?

Are floors around stacks / racks / bins clear?

Are all drums checked?

Are all pallets in good repair?

Are heavier items stored low?

Is there any danger of falling objects?

Are there any sharp edges present?

Are there safe means of accessing high shelves available?


Are washrooms clean?

Are toilets clean?

Are meal rooms clean and tidy?

Are rubbish bins available and covered?


Are cabinets and contents clean and orderly?

Are first aiders names displayed?

Are first aiders locations and phone numbers available?

Are first aid supplies checked (note items to be replaced)?

Is first aid / warden information current and displayed?


Is lighting adequate and free from glare?

Is there any flickering present or any inoperable lights (not location if so)?


Is spill management control equipment available?

Is domestic rubbish disposed of correctly?

Are hazardous materials disposed of by contractor who transports them off site?


Is there bunding in fuel container?


Are saw tooth bin flaps in sound condition for safe use?

Are saw tooth bin flaps positioned correctly?

Are saw tooth gates in sound condition for safe use?

Is there evidence of cross contamination in bins?

Are hazard markings visible?


Is site access controlled?

Are fencing, barricades or barriers fit for purpose and in place?

Are appropriate general / safety signs in place?

Are footpaths / walkways identified, clean and free from debris?

Are dust and noise controls in place?

Are all public complaints actioned and addressed?


Are access and exit points accessible, marked and clear?

Is a line of sight (vision) available at corners?

Are chemicals stored in accordance with Safety Data Sheet requirements?

Are Safety Data Sheets (SDS) available for dangerous goods used in the work area?

Are pest harbourage areas removed (i.e. rubbish / cardboard boxes)?

Have bait stations been checked?


Safe work procedures in place and followed?

Are there any changes to manual handling that require a risk assessment to be completed?

Are mechanical aids provided and used?

Are manual handling controls implemented?


Are fire extinguishers / blankets available, identified, tested and with clear access?

Is emergency response information displayed?

Is there appropriate signage of extinguishers?

Is there adequate emergency exit signage?

Are exit doors easily opened from inside?

Are exit pathways clear of obstruction?

Are alarm/communication systems adequate?

Are smoking/naked flame restrictions observed?

Are there minimal quantities of flammables at workstations?

Are emergency telephone numbers displayed?

Are trial evacuations/drills consistently conducted?

Are personnel trained in use of fire fighting equipment?

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.