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Cleaning Inspection


  • hand hygiene done properly

Waste & Restock Disposables

  • soap

  • lotion

  • sharps - change when 2/3 full

  • toilet paper

  • paper towels

  • wastebaskets emptied

General Cleaning Pathway - Bathroom

  • high dusting - including lights & vents

  • doorknob, door frame, hinges

  • light switches

  • nurse call light & cord

  • sink/faucet/handles/vanity

  • mirrors

  • spot clean walls

  • wipe garbage can inside and out

  • toilet (bottom to top)


  • hand hygiene done properly


  • rag changes sufficient

Floors & Service

  • place clean liner in can with 2- 3 exra in the bottom

  • dust mop floor with appropriate head

  • place wet floor sign

  • wet mop floor with microfiber mop head


  • hand hygiene done properly

  • look over room

  • work orders

General Comments

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