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Windows and Entrance

  • Are the shop front signs in good condition?

  • Is the window display neat, tidy, and in good condition?

  • Is the shop entrance clean and neat?

  • Are the front windows free of damage/ cracks?

  • Is decal on windows in good condition?

  • Note any issues requiring follow up

  • Photos of issues to be followed up


  • Are front door locks working properly?

  • Are all door/window locks in good repair?

  • Are roller shutters operational?

  • Is the video surveillance system checked and taped daily?

  • Is the cash register in good view of security cameras?

  • Are all specific security measures in working order? (i.e. Anti-theft tags and sensors, etc)

  • Inventories done on a Monthly basis


  • Is the area around computer/cash register tidy and organized

  • Policy, gift card, Covid-19 plexi found on the cash desk

  • Enough shopping bags

  • Manual, Defect, Banking, Transfer booklets. all Available ?

  • Is the IT hardware and software in good condition ?

  • Is the Cash float Correct ?

Teamwork and Attitude

  • Number of staff fit the shop

  • Name tags worn (fi trainee)

  • Uniforms worn

  • Meet the hygenic standards

  • Staff attending their shift/breaks on time

  • Team are acting in a professional way

  • Note any issues requiring follow up


  • Is the shop's overall impression neat and clean?

  • Are all the lights operational?

  • Temperature is proper

  • Fitting room is clean and tidy

  • Music fits the brand

  • Note any issues requiring follow up


  • Relevant branding and visuals used for tables and walls

  • Correct use of hangers, Size cubes

  • Apparel steamed, displayed by size and according to Guidelines

  • All items are correctly priced and located

  • Refill done ?

  • All styles in stock room are displayed on floor

  • Quantity displayed fits the space

  • All items have security tags

  • Security Tags putted in the right place

  • Changing the mannequin every 2 weeks

  • All folded items are neat and tidy

  • Note any issues requiring follow up

  • Photos of issues to be followed up


  • All footwear are placed according to Guidelines

  • All footwear are displayed by category

  • All items are correctly priced

  • Quantity displayed fits the space

  • Displayed the suitable pair

  • Displayed the suitable size

  • Lace inside, shoe fillers, to keep shoe display in the Best shape


  • Clean and tidy

  • Clear Walking Area

  • Apparel stored in nylon bags

  • Defects identified and put aside

  • Customer order and hold items clear

  • Emergency numbers hanged on the board

  • Fire extinguisher available and new

  • printed schedule , rules and regulation on the board and stockroom

  • Steamer switched off when not in use

  • Note any issues requiring follow up

  • Photos of issues to be followed up

Covid19 rules

  • using the temperature gun and wearing face masks

  • sanitizers on the entrance

  • using the nano gun

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