• Are the shop front signs correctly displayed?

  • Are the shop front signs in good condition?

  • Are all necessary signs properly displayed?

  • Is the "OPEN" sign correctly displayed?


  • Are footpaths in good condition?

  • Are the front windows clean?

  • Are the front windows free of damage/ cracks?

  • Is decal on windows in good condition?

  • Is the shop entrance clean and neat?

  • Is the window display neat, tidy, and in good condition?


  • Are front door locks working properly?

  • Are roller shutters operational?

  • Is the security gate operational?

  • Does the shop front have an alarm and/or surveillance system?

  • - Is the alarm system operational?

  • - Is alarm light clean and easily visible?

  • - Are surveillance cameras in good working condition?

  • - Are surveillance cameras unobstructed by anything? (i.e. Signage, banners, etc.)

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  • Is the shop's overall impression neat and clean?

  • Is the shop entrance clear and unobstructed?

  • Is the shop clear of clutter/ boxes?

  • Are all the lights operational?

  • Are emergency exit signs clearly marked?

  • Is the music and lighting for the time of day on its proper level?


  • Are all countertops clean and neat?

  • Is the area around computer/cash register tidy and free of excessive electrical cords?

  • Is the floor behind the counter clear of boxes and other clutter?

  • Are all computer equipment organised according to specifications?

  • Are all electrical cords safe and neatly bundled together?

  • Are all documents filed neatly in the designated area?

  • Is the counter area free from excess or damaged stock?

Stock & Merchandising

  • Are the stock levels of clearing products sufficient?

  • Has the ordered stock been received to date?

  • Is the pricing displayed on products accurate?


  • Are all door/window locks in good repair?

  • Is the till/cash register managed in a secure manner?

  • Is it possible for the till/cash register to be accessed by customers?

  • Is the float in the till/cash register correct?

  • Is the video surveillance system checked and taped daily?

  • Is the till/cash register in good view of security cameras?

  • Are all specific security measures in working order? (i.e. Anti-theft tags and sensors, etc)

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  • Are the materials stored in racks and bins wherever possible?

  • Is the storage designed to minimize lifting problems?

  • Are floors around racking clear of rubbish?

  • Are all racks and shelving in good condition?

  • Is the Safe Working Load (SWL) of storage visibly marked and adhered?

  • Are storage boxes stacked safely?

Loading Area

  • Is the loading area clean and tidy?

  • Are all lights in the loading area operational?

  • Are workers’ use of correct manual handling techniques monitored?

  • Is the freight packaging (size, weight, shape) assured safe for handling and easy pick-up/delivery?

  • Is the freight labeled with dimensions, weight, nature of the goods (fragile, dangerous goods etc)?

  • Are safety measures in place at your site to manage the risk of being struck by trucks, forklifts, or other vehicles?

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Other Comments

  • Recommendations / Notes

  • Inspector / Manager's Full Name and Signature

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