Title Page

  • Conducted on

  • Please type your name

  • What shift is working?

  • What operating area is being audited?

  • East or West Bagger

Bagger Details

  • Is the bagger running currently?

  • What product is being run?

  • Is the operator experiencing any issues with bags sealing? (Talk to them and get their feedback.)

  • Describe the issues

  • Is the operator regularly rejecting bags by physically removing the bag from the line or pressing the reject button?

  • Which is happening and how often?

  • Are there frequent bag rejects by the automatic weight reject system?

  • How often?

  • Are weights over or under set point?

Bagger Rejects & Housekeeping Needs

  • How many bags are on the reject line?

  • Do any of them have bad seals?

  • Is there a cut bag box staged?

  • Does it have a lid?

  • Does it have a label?

  • Is there pellet accumulation under the bagging head?

  • Is there pellet accumulation under the conveyors between the bagging head and the reject system?

  • Is there pellet accumulation under the conveyors for the reject system?

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