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Section 1

  • The following areas have a designated area within the F&F Warehouse

  • Hanging Rails

  • Essential Rails/ Essential Racking

  • Footwear Cages/ Footwear Racking

  • The following areas have both signage and a designated area within the F&F warehouse

  • Pre-Sort Area

  • RFID Equipment

  • Watches and Jewellery

  • Direct Returns Rail

  • Waste

  • Not On File

  • EPW

  • Equipment Area

  • POS Area

  • Communication Area

Section 2

  • There is a clear designated area for delivery and pre-sort in the warehouse

  • Delivery holding area and pre-sort area are separate and account for 20% warehouse space

Section 3

  • Pre-sort is being completed daily, following the correct operational procedures

  • Pre-sort is completed 100%, essentials are unpacked onto their relevant essential back stock, footwear is pre-sorted onto its footwear cage

  • There is a dedicated warehouse person in place

  • Pre-sort hours account for 20% of F&F hours

Section 4

  • All equipment is used for its relevant department

  • Essential rails only hold essential products

  • Footwear cages are used to store footwear

Section 5

  • The organisation of the hanging product reflects the shop floor, segregated by ranges

  • Womenswear is the lead item, followed by Kids then Mens

  • Product is stored in size order and within ranges

  • Mark Down product is allocated within its relevant department

Section 6

  • Warehouse Activity has been planned daily

  • All stock unable to fit on the shop floor is racked into the racking in its designated area

  • Waste is completed daily

  • Rubbish cages are available and emptied at the end of each day

  • Any labels are reattached to their products

Section 7

  • The store is following the complete EPW/NOF process and have a clear holding area identified and labelled

  • All EPWs are held in the EPW area, with the correct documentation

  • There are no EPWs out of date

  • NOF's are processed regularly to check if they have been returned to the system

Section 8

  • The warehouse reflects 'World Class Standards'

  • Warehouse is tidy, swept and cleaned daily

  • There are no stickers on the floor

Section 9

  • All RFID equipment storage location is planned in warehouse

  • A location is identified for the portal to be positioned

  • There is an RFID location in the warehouse and is clear and clutter free

  • There is an RFID location on the shopfloor and is clear and clutter free

Section 10

  • The shop floor is setup for RFID routines

  • The shop floor is laid out on the correct space

  • There is reduced space allocated on the mat and on the correct space

  • Fragmentation has been worked into the current ranges

  • Shopfloor / Customer journey comments i.e. depth of fill

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